UNBELIEVABLE! Davido Agreed To Meet Nigerian Tribal Marks’ Model Adetutu Because Of His Father

Remember Adetutu, the Nigerian model with tribal marks? The model who ended up well known after she shared her desires of displaying for Rihanna? She was later followed on Instagram by the American artiste after she made her desires known. The idiom, ‘speak it into existence’, couldn’t be all the more evident with regards to Adetutu Alabi. This youthful Nigerian model who has had ancestral marks all over since she was a child had made a mark on Nigerians after she talked popularity into her reality.Well, she got really excited when she finally got the chance to meet the very benevolent singer, Davido. Their meeting might have been made more possible because Davido’s father also spots tribal marks on his face, though faint.

It might not have been popularity she needed but rather her desires are positively near it. Adetutu Alabi had turned into a web sensation after she made her fantasies of displaying for American artiste, Rihanna, known via web-based networking media. What’s more, now discussion of the model is on the lips of each Nigerian, including vocalist Davido. Mainstream Nigerian vocalist Davido met the model and even exhorted her to keep on grasping her innate imprints with certainty. The model had taken to Instagram to share the photograph she took with the vocalist. She wrote: “It was really nice meeting @davidoofficial I love the fact that you want me to flaunt my tribal marks boldly and with much confidence. Thanks once again.” 

The tribal model Alabi is not just making her mark in Nigeria, she has even made her mark in the United States. It had earlier been reported that Rihanna had followed Alabi on Instagram after she made her dreams of modelling for the singer known.

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