Top 5 Popular Nigerian Celebrity Gay That Came Out Open Shocking!!! Nob 3 is a Pastor

Gay – Nigerian Celebrities: Homosexuality is highly considered a taboo in Nigeria. The level at which most Nigerians have been forced to live in a closet due to the number of homophobic people in Nigeria can only be described as uncanny. Recently, a young man by the name Bobrisky, took hold of the Nigerian social media scene with his flamboyant lifestyle, garnering views and love on a daily basis with his numerous videos and what not on social media, resulting to him being named the ‘king of Nigerian snapchat’.

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Now, even as homosexuality in Nigeria is a huge crime, this young ‘male barbie’ has often alluded to the fact that he might in-fact be gay. In honor of his flamboyantly ‘Gay’ life, here are 5 Nigerian celebrities who are openly gay.

Kenny Badmus
The brand expert and founder of Orange Academy, came out as a gay man in on January 9, 2015 . Kenny, who was once married to a woman for 6-years, also announced that he has been living with HIV for more than sixteen years now. He is presently living in the US and fears coming back home for fear of being lynched by people.

Bisi Alimi
Gay right activist, blog writer and public speaker came out of the closet on live television while appearing on Funmi Iyanda’s show, ‘New Dawn with Funmi.’ He presently lives in the UK after fleeing the country due to death threats for announcing his sexuality. He is presently in a relationship with a white man and they got engaged last year.

Rev Jide Macaulay
Jide Macaulay is the founder of House Of Rainbow, a gay church in Lagos. He is the first Nigerian openly gay preacher. His church, recently marked it’s fifteen years anniversary. He was once married to a woman but left her after realizing he had feelings for men.

Idris Okunnuga aka Bobrisky
He is known as the Nigerian king of snapchat following his hilarious yet frank videos on a certain unidentified ‘bae’. Bobrisky, as he is fondly called, is yet to openly come out as a gay man, but has on countless occasions alluded that he is gay and in a relationship with an influential male politician.

Chika Nwafor
Chika Nwafor is a young Nigerian gay man who lives in Germany. He married his then boyfriend, Mark Schwartz after which both of them moved to Germany to continue their lives. The marriage however did not last as they were divorced in less than two years. He gained more popularity when he made claims that he was once pregnant and that Mark puts a key on his p-nis