“Sarkodie Is A Small Boy And A Hypocrite”- Popular Ghanaian Musician

Dancehall artiste Shatta Wale has described rapper Sarkodie as a “small boy” and a “hypocrite” who does not match up to his level.Image result for shatta wale and sarkodie
“Sarkodie is a very small boy for me, Sarkodie is my junior when it comes to music. He has told me before that I should produce him; [that was] ‘Bandana’ days when he was hustling. So, I think he has forgotten, he feels I am his colleague now because I look younger than him now. I knew him when he was upcoming, but right now he feels he has grown”.

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After Shatta Wale described Sarkodie and other fellow artists as poor, the rapper released a diss track titled “My Advice” in which he fired a string of salvos at Shatta Wale.

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Shatta Wale, however, said he will not respond to the diss track because the 2014 BET Best International Act for Africa winner, is not his co-equal. He also described Sarkodie as an egotistic hypocrite.

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“He is so hypocritical when he comes on the radio he wants to keep that fame. Fame comes with a lot of egos but I don’t have that ego… I don’t want to fake my life, I believe they are faking and the kind of attitude they are showing, it is going to worry the next generation,” he added, in an interview on Friday, 26 October 2018.

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“In the history of Ghana, no artiste has come up like me. Ghanaians should appreciate it and just support it,” he added.

Sarkodie’s diss track, “Advice”, counseled Shatta Wale thus: “Your soul is tormented cos you no dey hustle, you be talented. Chale, Mercedes-Benz no dey talk chaw but still relevance unprecedented. This is the time we for takeover, up till now we no fit sell out the Madison Square, but we fight on Range Rover”.

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In an apparent response to the song, Shatta Wale posted a photograph of his Mercedes-Benz on social with a customised number plate “Advice1 – 18” and captioned: “Advice well taken…Mercedes-Benz no dey talk”.

Subsequently, he said in the interview that: “If he knows that ‘money no be a problem’, he should not come and give me advice. I have advised myself, he should also advise himself with a car, too, and let me see. That is how battles go. If you say you are strong but till now he has not even bought a car that should tell you that if [I say] Ghanaian artistes are living a hypocritical and poor life, they should understand me,” he noted.

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According to him, Sarkodie should not come and advise him “if you cannot afford your own car. You are driving somebody’s car. They bring cars to you, you just drive, they sell it then you drive another car and always you don’t have a number plate”.

Ghanaian rap artist Sarkodie who has had enough of Shatta Wale replied him a diss video that went viral and a couple of celebrities and fans reacted to it. The rap icon who has over the past months suffered all forms of abuse from the dancehall artist has in a new song titled “My Advice” addressed Shatta Wale.