Dabota Lawson biography, divorce and family life

Dabota Lawson’s life is obvisously exciting and filled with events, and here you can read about how Dabota Lawson rose to fame. Get fascinating gist about Dabota Lawson!

Who is Dabota Lawson and what is she famous for?

Dabota Lawson is a fashion model, beauty queen, actress, active Instagram blogger, and entrepreneur. This woman definitely knows how to express herself!

The famous Nigerian model was born on the 2nd of June 1991. This means that Dabota Lawson age is 26 years old. The future beauty queen was born in Rivers State, in the family of ten. Her young and teenage years were spent in Nigeria, but at the age of 16, she went to the United Kingdom to pursue a college education and then university degree. She studied Financial Economics at the University of Leicester, where she got a Bachelors degree. Then, she proceeded to the London School of Business and Finance, she studied Accounting and Business there. Dabota describes herself as “beauty with brains”, and this is true.

She actually started expressing interest in modeling when she was five years old, and her passion did not go anywhere over the years. In 2007, she participated in Nigeria’s Top Model contest, where she ended the 9th. She won Miss Nigeria beauty UK pageant in 2009. After her victory, she did a lot of modeling in runway shows, high fashion events, and various modeling competitions. She also appeared on the covers of some well-known magazines.

Dabota is also an entrepreneur, she holds her own event management company called Diamond Inc. together with her three friends. She also owns a cosmetic line called Dabota Cosmetics, which is really popular in Nigeria and offers young women a variety of products. As you can see, Dabota Lawson is a self-made woman who works hard to reach her goal.

Dabota Lawson husband and divorce 

In 2014, Dabota got married to the Nigerian billionaire Sunny Aku. They held a lavish wedding in Lagos, at the Sky Terrance Hall. During the first months of their marriage, the couple experienced no major problems. However, the trouble in their union started before they celebrated their first anniversary. In early 2016, Dabota Lawson filed for divorce from her wealthy husband. The reasons, as the media reported, were Sunny Aku’s infidelity: the rumors circulated that he had a lot of other women while being together with Dabota, and even was technically married to one of them. In court, Dabota announced that his other wife’s name was Elizabeth Chioma Aku.

The news about the couple’s divorce shook Nigerian media, as the couple always seemed to be happy in public, and Dabota was enjoying her rich and wealthy life. She even talked about her husband with fondness and care and said that it felt like she has known him for years. Many people felt sorry for their breakup, but Dabota moved forward on her life. She also denied the accusations about marrying the billionaire because of his wealth, saying that she worked hard to establish her career and had a steady income before getting married to Sunny Aku. During their marriage, she never stopped working either.

Not long after her divorce, Dabota became pregnant. Dabota Lawson welcomed her beautiful baby girl in October 2016. The delivery took place in Texas, the United States. The celebrity named her little daughter Reignah. She confessed on social media that she is unable to imagine her life without her little girl. The baby was believed to be Sunny Aku’s since they were still together at the time. Besides, when Dabota Lawson finally showed her daughter, it was noticeable that she really looks like her ex-husband. The star cares about her daughter a lot and often shares her motherhood experience with fans by posting photos of her baby.

Dabota Lawson is really active on social media, and she is a known Instagram model and blogger. She often communicates with her followers through her Instagram page that she created in July 2014. She shares the updates from her life, gives advice to her fans, and promotes her cosmetic line. As of February 2018, she has 205 thousand followers on Instagram. She also has a web store, where everyone can buy her cosmetic production.

Many people see Dabota Lawson as a billionaire’s ex-wife, when she is, in fact, a smart and educated woman who has her own business and manages to run a few profitable projects. She is never afraid of voicing her opinion and believes that with hard work you can achieve anything.