Laura Ikeji reveals what happened during Linda’s child delivery

Laura Ikeji has revealed what happened during Linda’s child delivery in the United States.

The Ikejis have been celebrating the newest arrival to their family amid the latest rumour by Kemi Olunloyo that the blogger is a surrogate mother. And whether a father or not is in the picture released so far of the most joyful moment in the life of the richest Nigerian blogger, her sisters having been praising God and has never left her bed side.

When Sandra Ikeji announced the birth of Baby J, what she shared was smooth delivery the celebrated blogger enjoyed. “ Mummy J pushed just twice and baby J came out crying, I haven’t seen labour as easy as this, the doctors were so happy because this happened within minutes.. I know this because I was in the labour room ?Congratulations @officiallindaikeji we welcome J with much love. Thank you baba God,” she said.

Linda Ikeji paid surrogate mother N1.8m for baby birth – Kemi Olunloyo 

While Nigerian are felicitating with the richest blogger in the land, Linda Ikeji, on the birth of her first child at thirty-seven, controversial blogger, Kemi Olunloyo has crashed the party, saying it was all a ruse, that, Linda was never pregnant but paid a surrogate mother N1.8M for the birth of the child that arrived on Monday morning at a US hospital. As far as May of this year, Kemi Olunloyo has openly accused the foremost blogger of cheating with her pregnancy.

“ Sincerely, I have been respecting myself but I think I need to fill you guys into this. Linda Ikeji got pregnant using ‘donor sperm’ because she started getting scared of menopause,” she had stated. She claims Linda was officially ten months pregnant when the baby was born after her six month announcement in May. “ Time to drop that prosthetic moon bump and call the surrogate who had settled for N1.8M . Baby J or baby JJ has no official dad, there was even none on her post,” she posted after the birth.

The fiery blogger wouldn’t get off Linda Ikeji’s case as she pointed out some details concerning her announcement Instagram post on the birth of the baby. “Tomorrow, September 19th is Linda Ikeji’s birthday, carefully planned to coincide with Baby J’s delivery. A great way to attract sympathy, love birthday and baby gifts back to back. She will be 42 not 37 as she claims.

How Linda failed to pay attention to details.USA neonatal blankie, no hospital staff in pictures, live or recorded videos. My phone call to visit ‘a Linda Ikeji’ in maternity ward and no such patient exists,” she said. It should be noted that Linda Ikeji and Kemi Olunloyo have been at war with each for years now. When Kemi was incarcerated Linda Ikeja made a piecemeal of it and Kemi also, has never let an opportunity passed to have her own pound of flesh of the foremost blogger.