Nollywood actress Bimbo Thomas list Actors she admires and would love to kiss

Plus size Yoruba actress, Bimbo Thomas, who shot into limelight after her exploits in Funke Akindele’s film, “Omo Ghetto” has revealed that there are few actors she could kiss on set, citing another famous Yoruba actor as one actor she has a crush on and had kissed in a film.

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“The most memorable kiss I had on set is with Femi Branch in a film we played lovers and we kissed, in the movie, Femi had his back turned at me and said something, instead of me responding in words, I grabbed him and kissed him, even the director was stunned, he is my friend though and I know his wife,” she said, mentioning other actors that catch her fancy.

“There are still few actors I admire and would like to kiss. Internationally, I would like to kiss Idris Elba, but lately I have had a crush on Terence Howard, and locally, I would like to kiss John Dumelo, she quipped. She also revealed that the craziest thing she has ever done in a movie is to kiss, saying that is farthest she could as far as acting is concerned.

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“Going nude is not an option for me. I can never go nude,” she said. Bimbo Thomas attended University of Lagos and studied Creative Arts. Her encounter with Tayo Odueke (Sikirat Sindodo), Lanre Abbey and Odunfa Caucus changed her life and since then, she has become a very popular Nollywood actress. Nollywood confession: I have been to hell and back – Chinedu Bernards Nollywood like Hollywood is a land of dreams.

While some dreams come true, others don’t. This is a lesson many girls wanting to be a star in the make-believe world have had to learn the hard way. It is a widely held belief that less than a quarter of girls wanting to be actresses actually made it to the front of cameras, talk less of getting a script or having a scene to their credit.

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Sexual abuse, nepotism, tribal prejudice and others have made many quit their dreams of hitting stardom. However, for African Celebrity Icon Award’s Promising Actress of the Year, Chinedu Bernards, all those challenges have stared her in the face but she refused to give in. In an Instagram post of her picture beaming with smiles, the 6ft. 1inch actress said behind the smile lies a girl who has gone to hell and back.

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“Behind this smile lies a lot of things. There you see a girl that was bullied, a girl who has seen pain face to face. A girl who has been through hell and back for being nice and respectful. A girl who has given up on a lot of things. But the good thing is, we don’t look what we have been through. The things I went through broke me into pieces and remolded me into the person I have become and made me strong. Right now nobody has a say in my life but God.

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I have unending joy, peace, love, satisfaction and the biggest kind of protection for my self that nobody, I mean nobody, can cut short. My name is Chinedu and I am unbreakable,” she said. She didn’t tell us the details behind the post but it is obvious enough the dark-skinned beauty must have had a harrowing journey navigating the muddy waters called Nollywood. Every actor does.