Why can’t Bovi forgive and forget after 24 years?

Lol! This might sound funny but Bovi is still bitter over the guy who stole from him back in secondary school and he has a message for him.  The super talented comedian took to his Instagram page on Sunday, July 29, 2018, where he shared his bitter experience with the hostel mate who stole from him.

“To that my hostel mate that stole my provision in boarding house when I was in SS1. It’s been 24 years now. I still haven’t forgotten. (My pack of St. Louis Sugar and new can of peak milk). I saved those two through hunger pangs and days and weeks and months of starvation. I wanted to enjoy my last week in school and you robbed me of those rare pleasures.

“Know that I woke up today and remembered and I took off my clothes to commit that crime you did me to the hands of the spiritual. I don’t know you but you know yourself. I consider it as one of the worlds unsolved crimes. Your day of reckoning will surely come. You will see milk and sugar in abundance but you will not be able to drink it. Amen,” he concluded.

Bowler. David Bowler. @mr_bowler . Suit so good, Twas made with architectural precision

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Well if your mind is presently prickling you because this description best suits you, let’s just you have to improve your prayer life. Anyways we all know Bovi is one celebrity who writes a lot of epistles on his Instagram and most times they interesting and hilarious.

Bovi pens down emotional posthumous letter to late mum

Back in 2017, Bovi celebrated the posthumous birthday of his late mother by penning down a very emotional letter. The famous comedian wrote an emotional letter which he called “Love Letter to her to mark her birthday.

“Dear mummy, this is my last love letter to you. Today is that your 60th birthday that we planned to celebrate in Dubai. Today is that day we planned to be filled with lots of laughter. The opposite is now the case. I can’t lie to you, we still hurt! I pride myself as one with great understanding but in this matter, I simply cannot understand. To be honest, I don’t want to understand.

“I want to thank you publicly one last time! These are things I had planned to say while staring at your smiling face in Dubai. Dear mum, I thank you for bringing us into this world and sacrificing your best years raising us. I thank you for instilling in us a reading culture. I thank you for teaching us how to cook when we were young. I thank you for teaching us how to pray even when we’re not in the mood for it.

“Thank you for teaching us how to empathize. You told me once that if my being right will take someone’s life, then I should be wrong. ou taught me not to condemn anybody because God our father hasn’t condemned them. In your words, “it’s bitchy to run down someone you don’t even know personally”. You told me categorically “manipulation is witchcraft”. Dear mummy, thank you for taking out time to teach me this. Now I can spot a witch from a mile. And wizards too. I know you don’t like it when I curse but allow this last one abeg. “%#?|€\¥\ €£¥|” It’s been 22 months since you left this crazy world. I need you to know that in these 22 months, not a day has passed that I haven’t paused to reminisce about you and the beauty of you.

You can take the man out of warri; but you can’t take warri out of the man. The popular gist amongst comedians is that “RMD no Dey drop” ? “Rmd use plier hol him money” ??, “Rmd na akagum”?⚔️ Personally I get scared to participate because in all honesty, he’s always given me when I ask (on a very serious code sha). So we are back stage at this massive event. Rmd is special guest seated in the front row. ? His entrance was heralded by a rapturous applause. The next comedian going on stage is De don and De don says “na RMD stinginess I wan talk of today???. I go finish am”?? I step in and plead with De don to tone it down but he’s having none of it. So we reach a middle ground. I tell De don that to make the joke sweet, after yabbing Rmd, he should say “to prove say Rmd stingy, bros give me five thousand naira.” ?. Rmd will then proceed to give him the money to prove De don wrong.??. We sneak to Rmd ?? in the audience and let him in on the plan. We actually mopped up the 5k and gave it to him. All he had to do was hand it back during the act. Phew!!! I guess you know how this ends. De don gets on stage and thrills the audience on the legendary tight fist ?? of Rmd. And to sign out on a high, he goes to Rmd as planned and dares him to prove he’s not stingy by giving him 5k only (our combined 5k to make d joke sweet). The Hall goes quiet. In slow motion, Rmd takes the microphone ? and to our collective horror, he announces ???“I gree, I stingy die. I no go drop”. ??‍♂️??‍♂️??‍♂️.And that’s how the 5k that we contributed went into thin air till this very day?‍♂️?‍♂️. Bros you know they say you don’t turn down requests on your birthday. So Happy birthday bros @mofedamijo but I take God beg you, free our 5k. ?? ??????

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“I’m grateful ma! Though I’m injured, I promise you I’m grateful. And I’m sorry too. I appreciate you more than I ever said, more than I ever did, more than I ever showed. Keep resting in peace till we meet to part no more. Love, Bovi,” he wrote.

Bovi is one of the biggest comedians to have come out of Nigeria. He has had a very successful career so far and still has a lot to offer.