I want my wife back – Mercy Johnson’s husband cries out

Prince Odi Okojie, the husband of popular Nollywood actress, Mercy Johnson, has revealed a sudden change in his wife’s behaviour since her mother passed on.It seems that the mother of three is yet to get over the death of her mother.The actress’s husband, who could no longer endure his wife change of behaviour, took to his Instagram handle lamenting.

He made this known while responding to a fan’s question on Mercy Johnson’s sudden weight loss. His post reads: “Wife isn’t herself yet, she’s still trying to heal after moms death. She asked to see @hopefashion today since it’s her birthday so I had to support her. I want my playful best friend/Wife back ooo.”
He added that it was the first time the actress would leave the house ever since her mom’s deat.

Mercy Johnson took to her Instagram page to announce the sad news.“It deeply saddens me to say that my beloved mother is gone.This is a trying time for my family and we would appreciate your prayers, even as we plead for our privacy at this time. Thank you,” the actress wrote.Mercy Johnson, who is also Kogi State Senior Special Assistant on Entertainment, Arts and Culture, earlier this month insisted she would never return her wedding ring to her husband, as everything was fine with them.The talented actress, earlier this year, was rumoured to have experienced some problems in her marriage after she deleted all her pictures, including that of her husband, from her Instagram page.

Husband to Nollywood actress, Mercy Johnson, Prince Odi Okogie, has revealed how he managed to keep his marriage for six years despite increasing rate of divorce in celebrity marriages.The couple has been married for Six years with three children.In an interview with New Telegraph, Prince Okogie disclosed that he avoids watching his wife’s movies, so his emotions won’t flare up from seeing her do what the script says.He also attributed the success of his long term marriage to God, adding that they quarrel but tend to move on the next day.

In his words: “Prior to our marriage, I’d known my wife for three years; we actually met in 2008. We started living together in 2009 and we got married in 2011.“It’s been God all the way, there’s no miracle or anything much, it’s just been God.“With marriage break-ups and celebrity dramas, I think it depends on what one wants. For me, when I met my wife, I knew she was the one for me. The love, the affection and the tender care are all present, and although we might have some misunderstanding but when we sleep over it, we move on.“My wife is my best friend, I hold her in high esteem and as a result of this, we don’t quarrel often. When we do, we learn from it and move to the next level.

“I have a very big house, my wife has a very big room and so do I, but she has never spent the night in her room for one day. Sometimes when I tease her and say ‘go to your room’, she tells me ‘this is our room not your room’ and so most times we are always together. Nollywood actress Mercy Johnson-Okojie is one of the movie stars who would seize every opportunity to gush about her husband. She wastes no time in appreciating him either on Instagram or during interviews.

In an interview with The Sun, the actress once again showered encomiums on her husband. She revealed that she quit taking up romantic roles in movies because he does not like it.On what is responsible for her achievements in the movie industry, Mercy Johnson disclosed that God has been her pillar of strength. The beautiful mother-of three also added that her husband transformed her into a better person.

“Honestly, the grace of God has been my pillar of strength. I don’t have anyone to thank for my achievements but my creator for paving ways for my success. He is helping me to live a sustainable life and giving me reasons to appreciate His mercies upon my life always. Also, I must appreciate God for connecting me to a man that complimented and transformed me into a better person. He has a different perspective to life, which has affected my life positively, and I owe a gratitude to my husband for his love and affections “I have never experienced anything like this, my marriage to her is so sweet and I’m enjoying it to the fullest.“Like I said, I won’t give the kudos to man but to God Almighty who has kept us in happiness, in peace and in harmony.”