Banky W addresses stalker who mocks him for driving old car while fans express missed feelings

Following a recent mockin comment by a lady who made fun of the popular Rapper and Musician, Bankole Welligton, for driving an old model Range Rover in spite of his celebrity status, the Music star has sent a well written reply. Banky W took to his twitter handle to say that, “Last weekend, a very creepy video was posted online, by someone making fun of my car. I wrote her an open letter. You can read it on my blog: share with everyone you know. I really want her to read it. LOL.”

The response partly read,

In response to the cringe worthy, creepy video you made about my wife and I, I think there are some things you need to know. First of all,poverty willnever be my portion in Jesus name. Also, it is a 2008 Range Rover Sport not a 1999. Amen and Lol. Oh, and additionally, it’s currently for sale to the highest bidder. I had decided last month that I’d sell it, and whatever I got for it, I’d hand over to the Vocational School for the Blind in Oshodi and the Pink Oak Cancer Trust Fund”. My Aunt volunteers at the school, and she reminded me that they were still trying to raise some money to care for their students, so I came up with a plan. I told her that I’d give my followers the background history of my old car, and get all my celebrity friends who’d sat in it at some point or another to autograph it, and then put it up for an online auction. I figured that since I didn’t need the money from the sale to buy a new one, we could just auction it off and hopefully raise a decent enough amount of money to give back to those in need.

You see, I’ve never found it necessary to own more than one car. Mostly because I can only ever DRIVE one car at a time; and when I bought the car in 2011, I promised myself that I would never buy another car, until I owned the home I live in. To me, owning a nice car might help me LOOK like I was doing okay, butowning a nice home would help me KNOW. The way my mind is set up…what good is owning a Rolls Royce, if I’m still paying rent on the house I park it in?

You might be happy to know that I’ve now FINALLY ordered a newer, nicer, personal car, and my wife has too. We paid for them a month ago, but we will probably never show them to you, because we don’t want you to stalk us again, but also because that’s not really any of your business – much like my old Range Rover wasn’t. The cars we are getting are relatively new this year, but the way my mind is set up, we will probably drive them for as long as possible, until we have stashed away enough money for our future kids’ complete University Education, and until we have secured a hell of a lot more real estate for them to inherit. I’m not sure how long that will take…I’m just grateful that my wife’s mind is set up a lot more like mine, than yours.


……………..See, there’s a difference between you and I. You look down on people because of what YOU THINK they can or can’t afford. You clearly believe that a man’s worth should be measured by the car he chooses to drive… but I think differently. You would actually look down on the very same people that I’ve looked up to for years. Warren Buffet drives a cadillac he bought about 7 years ago. Mark Zukerberg drives an Acura valued at about $30k. Alice Walton (the world’s wealthiest woman) drives a Ford F150. Ikea’s founder, Ingvar Kamprad, drove a 1993 volvo for over 20 years, until someone convinced him that driving at 91 was too dangerous – oh, and he probably doesn’t know the way to the Gucci store, because he buys most of his clothes from the flea market. Google them. All of them drive “old” cars. But all of them are billionaires who’ve built up their fortune, while giving back to society, and building up the people around them.


Banky concluded by saying he believed that true greatness and success shouldn’t just be measured by what you are able to get… but also by what you are able to give. While driving my very-old car the last few years, I’ve spent a lot of my time giving to the people around me, and giving back to society to the best of my ability. The fact that you’re able to spend time mocking and stalking me outside a grocery store, says a lot more about you than it does about me. I’m just out here minding my business, building my homes and my fortune, while also trying to build up as many people as possible. You should consider doing the same.

Meanwhile Fans of the Artist have continued to comment on Banky W’s action. While some say there was no need for the comment, others felt that he should have lashed at the  stalker for making such insinuations.