Policeman dispatched to arrest ferocious pitbull, but wait, there must be some misunderstanding of ‘ferocious’?

Officer Travis Frost didn’t expect to be making any friends on that call Sunday.

He was looking for a vicious dog, which had been called in by a concerned member of the community, according to a post on Facebook from the Texarkana, Texas Police Department.

When Frost spotted the dog, lying on a nearby front porch and bearing a close resemblance to a pit bull, he left the door to his patrol SUV open when he got out to approach the dog, “so he could quickly jump back in if the dog came after him,” the post said.

He whistled at the dog, who trotted over to Frost wagging his tail the whole time. Despite the dog’s powerful muscular frame, it wasn’t exactly the type of canine approach that strikes fear into police and animal control officers.