Canadian Gateway High School Welcomes You To Its Open Day


“A man without education is like a tree planted in the Sahara desert,” Tai Solarin foremost Nigerian Educationist.

The college is located in a very congenial and serene environment, along Ago Palace way, Isolo, Lagos. The college runs a threefold curricular; the British, the Canadian and the Nigerian curricular. While the Nigerian curriculum seeks to revive and resuscitate the golden superlative education of the yore and yesteryears, the British, and the Canadian curricular which is blended and unique seeks to further sharpen the acumen, dexterity and the critical thinking power of our students.

Thus and in this connection, all the three curricular are hemmed and merged as one. This novel curricular will conveniently enable our students have broader, balanced, resourceful, enterprising and productive education. Our emphasis as a school is on the total and holistic development of the child. We are out and keen to groom students who will stand out and audaciously too, among their peers nationally and internationally; thus, making them sound scholars, denizens of all nations and contemporary of all ages. There are no grey areas.

The college facilities are very remarkable, unique and spectacular. Apart from the classrooms being very spacious and commodious, all the classes are air conditioned and each has a CCTV camera in it. This will enable management to effectively monitor activities in the classrooms and outside the classrooms. Ours is not only on the academic excellence of the child, but also on his moral dignity and rectitude. Education without morals is futile.

Of course, because of the current surge and spate of Covid-19 pandemic currently ravaging the world globally and Nigeria, management has placed a gigantic walkway smart sanitizer at the entrance of the school. This will make our environment virus free and enable us assess the health status of anybody entering the school. The technology embedded in the sanitizer in question is one of its kinds.

Impressively also, the science laboratories (Physics, Chemistry and Biology), the ICT, the Home Economics/ food and Nutrition, and Intro-Tech laboratories, are scintillating, captivating and very auspicious. The school library is also qualitative and standard, with modern books of multiple/various kinds that cut across different countries and strata of the world, adorning the shelves.

Furthermore, the college runs a day and a boarding school. The boarding house is located in a very secure, protective and serene environment with CCTV cameras, trained security personnel and other gadgets around the students’ hostel. The security and lives of our students is of utmost and paramount priority to us.

And what is more, the college has innumerable measures and gestures put in place to make our students comfortable in school. The boarding house is exclusive and a home outside their homes.

Still on the school facilities, it is pertinent and worthwhile to postulate that the college has an amiable, modern and delectable basketball court, where students can always compete and engage themselves in sports activities. Thus boosting their physical fitness and reinvigorating their sagacity. Other sports equipment and facilities are; a modern table tennis board, volleyball court and other indoor games like squash, Ludo, chess, billiard to mention but a few. We are not leaving any stone unturned for the all round development of the child.


OUR VISION: To be the best international secondary school in Africa, while also providing the best education tourism services to Britain, Canada, and other first world countries.
OUR MISSION: To prepare all our students for success in life through accessibility to international study equipment, prepare and equip them for international university study, using the British-Canadian Secondary educational model.

From the above, one can eke out and glean that our vision, mission and motto are geared towards delivering outstanding and juicy educational opportunities. Your children/ ward’s academic excellence, flawlessness and pursuit are our priority, goal and pursuit.
There is no gain saying that we have high caliber, enthusiastic, dedicated, proficient and professional staff to accomplish our set goals and tasks.

BOARD OF DIRECTORS: The college boards of directors are seasoned educationists; who are versatile and ingenious in their respective fields. As a matter of interest, four members of the board of directors are Nigerian born Canadian citizens. Three of them attended all their education in Canada from kindergarten level of education to the university level. They have all read to masters degree level, with one PhD in view. They are currently engaged in educational activities in Canada.
There are other seasoned educationists from different parts of the country that are in the board of the school. Policies about the school are well deliberated and thought out.

The school governing council is composed of business and educational technocrats. Men and women who have seminal ideas on variegated and multifarious educational policies, nationally and internationally. The governing council has the privilege of having two retired school principals, a director general and a professor. Some clergy men have also been incorporated in the composition of the council. Interestingly, the council is currently headed by a professor, from one of the Nigeria’s Ivory Tower University.

Mrs. Eunice Odiri is currently the acting head of the college. She is a consummate, accomplished, meticulous and eagled eye administrator. She has immense and immeasurable experience in college administration. She is a scientist and specifically a Biochemist. She has a master’s degree in science Education and has lots of academic laurels/prizes to her credit.

Besides, she has worked in top schools in Nigeria, like the Lekki-British international School and few other citadel of learning, before she was enlisted to join Canadian Gateway High School. Her academic and administrative records are impeccable.

Mrs. Odiri is ably assisted by vigorous and industrious teachers, most of whom have masters degrees, with profound, incisive and unfathomable teaching experience in their respective and specialized fields. A few of our staff are already engaged in running or undertaking PhD programme. We have also incorporated the lucid and luminous services of some university lecturers as part-time staff. Ours is a THINK-TANK institution. There is no room for mediocre and mediocrity. Education is light and we are committed to beaming educational light to all nooks and crannies of the world.

Moreover, ours is not just to educate, but also to inculcate and imbibe leadership values and virtues in all our students. To us, every child student is a leader.

In view of Nigerians tenacious penchant and propensity to study overseas and get foreign certificate/degrees, management has considered it expedient and imperative to establish a SPECIAL STUDY CENTRE, where international examinations like: IELTS, SAT, TOEFL, CAMBRIDGE I.C.E, IGCSE etc are thoroughly taught. Interestingly too, we also run and organize an A/LEVEL foundation programme that leads to direct admission into Nigeria’s universities.

Thus, and in this nexus, our students are not only opportuned to write Nigeria SSCE/WAEC, but also blend it with any of the aforementioned examinations. Experienced and seasoned teachers are readily available to teach and impart the learning techniques, steps, and modalities of passing the above examination in excellent grades. Show the interest and passion for success and we will inundate you with glamorous and superb results. Ours is not just wishy-washy, or among the common run of “group of schools”.

We are the pathfinder in Nigeria’s educational sector. Our emphasis is on the absolute restoration of the values, virtues and “ancient landmarks” of education. Our determination is grim and inestimable.

Management believes that every child student is endowed by God with special aptitude or talent. Albert Einstein, the great scientist once said; “NO CHILD IS A DULLARD”. And so, management puts emphasis on students’ creativity and innovation, especially outside the classroom activities. In this regard, many entrepreneurship programmes have been carved and mapped out for our students self development and the development of their innate skills.

Ours is education in the classroom and outside the classroom; for the absolute, complete, and holistic development of the child. Our teachers and professionals are saddled with these responsibilities.

Our students who we call and regard as scholars are adequately and comprehensively boosted, encouraged and motivated with scholarship schemes; if the student concerned or involved is precocious, gifted and exceptional in academics. Students who are also very brilliant but come from indigent homes can also be considered for scholarship. Ours is a selfless and altruistic venture and how we can collectively join like minds to move the world forward and make it a better place. This is our primary goal and focus. Every other thing is immaterial and inconsequential. “Education is the chief defense of people and nations” Burke.

Note that Canadian is an acronym which stands for;
C – Character
A – Active
N – Noble
A – Awesome
D – Discipline
I – integrity
A – Able
N – Nice

In view of the above, management is wholly out to make a positively marked difference in the cognitive, affective and psycho-motor development of our children. We are available and set to create, nurture, build and infuse imperishable traits and ideas to our students now and in the future. Our determination and passion to give the best in all ramifications cannot be impugned.

We are greatly focused and relentless in this regard. Canadian Gateway High School is Nigeria’s trail blazer in education. We humbly and earnestly solicit your unstinted support to enable us accomplish our dreams for a better world.

“Keep your face to the sun-shine and you cannot see the shadow”- Helen Keller.