Happy 40TH Birthday To Rotimi Bankole

In 2013, Rotimi shared his vision with me. He wanted to start a media agency that everyone will be proud to associate with. He did not have so much leverage and resources like the big names in the industry but he had the passion, commitment and willingness to push through his vision.

A major strength he has that worked for him is his relationship management skills and the use of technology to organise himself. His ability to build good relationships made him assemble some if not the most intelligent and youngest teams in the marketing communications industry to form SBI Media.

Rotimi’s use of technology was also a major driver of the growth achievement he has recorded so far. With no direct or indirect involvement in the SBI Media Group, as a supporting onlooker, I noticed how he and his team relied on collaborative, productivity and cloud solutions to scale the agency from a one-man team to a group housing more than 56 professionals across media, creative, events, digital marketing and multimedia production.

With a strongly-bonded team and an unparalleled use of technology, Rotimi and the team at SBI Media have worked on some of the biggest brands and businesses in the Nigerian and international marketing communication scene.

Last year, Rotimi’s hard work was recognized. Marketing World Magazine named him the Media Personality of the Year 2019. SBI Media was also awarded as the Media Agency of the Year.

Today, Rotimi is celebrating his 40th Birthday, I am more than happy for him as a husband and as a partner and I am very grateful to everyone at the SBI Media Group because of their contributions to the vision in the last seven years.

I wish Rotimi many more years in leading SBI Media Group to more greatness.

From Blessing Rotimi