Jealous Husband Shoots Wife After Finding Her In Bed With Younger Lover

A Zambian man identified as Milimo who stays in Kabwata has injured his wife with a gun after finding her with a lover boy. The incident happened earlier today when Milimo decided to trail his wife to see where she goes when he is busy working.

He trailed her movements after she booked a taxi which dropped her at a house near Kamwala Secondary School.
It is from the said house where Milimo shot his wife after he discovered that another man was about to ‘chew’ her.
The woman entered the yard without realizing her husband was trailing her.
The gate was opened for her by her alleged lover after which they hugged at the gate before he ushered her into his house.
After she was comfortably waiting to do whatever activities they planned to do later, a big knock was heard on the gate.
The loverboy went to open while shouting at the top of his voice hoping to know who was knocking.
He was greeted with a striking slap on his face as he peeped outside.
It is at that point that he realized that the husband to the woman who was waiting for his services while half-naked, was the one banging on the gate.
The lover man was dragged into the house where the injured woman was found half-dressed lying comfortably on the bed of her lover boy. Milimo did not waste any time but pulled the trigger.
Luckily, the woman was injured only.
Fortunately, the lover boy escaped and is currently still in hiding.