Gunmen Shoot Several People In Kamwala South – VIDEO

Kamwala South Shooting: A Deaf Police Command On PF Cadre Guns!

There are reports that several people have been shot by criminals in Kamwala South last night.

The question is where are these guns coming from?

We believe that the answer lies with the PF. The PF deliberately armed thousands of its cadres with guns and pistols over the last 5 years.

These PF cadres do not have any source of income since their party lost power, there are no deals, no contracts and they’ve been flushed out of the markets and bus stations.

The only thing these cadres have now are guns and they are now using those guns in robberies.

The Zambia police must immediately begin the process to recover all weapons in the hands of these PF cadres.

The Police I.G Mr. Kajoba is not being proactive and he’s not taking any action as the security situation in Lusaka is spiraling out of control.

If this is not done soon Zambia will become like South Africa with routine daylight robberies.