Village Banking Scammer Arrested

The village banking scammer Hellen Chilekwa who owed her peers K40,000 has been arrested after people raised alarm about her disappearance.

Good morning admin, kindly post this woman her name is Hellen Chilekwa, she is owing our village banking K40,000 her phones are off and she left her house locked and moved everyone to a different location which is unknown. We were unable to share money at the end of 2019 because of her, we are appealing to anyone who knows her whereabouts. Please get our numbers from this page admin.

We are giving her 48 hours to show up or we are changing doors and locks to her house until she settles the outstanding balance. She is rude and chicky, yet no one forced her to join the group, she came at her own will, please help us we need our money back!

A woman accused of swindling other members of the village banking group has now been arrested.

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Story appeared frist on zambianwatchdog.