COZA: Police Seize Pastor Fatoyinbo’s Passport As Investigation On Rape Scandal Continues

Detectives from the Force Criminal Investigation Department(FCID), Abuja, investigations the alleged rape allegation against the senior pastor of the Commonwealth of Zion Assembly (COZA), conducted a search on the residence and office of the embattled pastor on Wednesday, August 28.

The police also seized the passport of Fatoyinbo as part of the bail conditions which was granted to him, according to a report by Daily Sun. The embattled pastor was as well made to provide two level 16 officers who had landed properties in the nation’s capital, Abuja before he was allowed to be taken on bail.

He was directed however to be reporting to the FCID on a daily basis until the investigation is rounded up. Pastor Fatoyinbo who was made to attend another round of interrogation on Wednesday, has since been released and has gone home. DAILY SUN, however, reported that the search on his home and office by detectives was a part of the investigation which took place.

The source said, “the home of the pastor and his office were searched today by detectives investigating the matter, but I cannot tell you what they found, but defiantly they were looking for incriminating documents and other evidence that was revealed by witnesses during the discreet investigation conducted in the matter.

“Also part of the bail conditions given to pastor Fatoyinbo is that he provides two levels 16 officers who have landed property in Abuja and that his international passport to be deposited with the police which he has done”.

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