See The Very Terrible Thing That Happened To Two Thieves After ‘Successful Operation’ (Graphic Pic + Video)

Two thieves met their untimely death after they were crushed to death at a mobile junction in Ring Road in the Oyo State Capital, Ibadan on Wednesday Night.

According to the reports, both men had just succeeded in snatching a new bike at Shoprite junction in Ibadan and were running away when they got hit in the process.

A report of the incident says, a car driver who had witnessed the thieves snatching the bike, giving them a hot chase and finally succeeding in knocking them down.

The incident drew the attention of a large crown to the scene, with men of the Nigerian Police subsequently coming to the scene of the incident.

In the video, both men could be seen lying lifeless on the floor, it could not be ascertained if they were still alive as at the time of writing this report.

Watch the video below:

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