21-Year-Old Lady Rapes 12 Year Old Boy, Infects Him With Herpes

According to twitter video presently making the rounds, a 21 year old lady raped a 12 year year old old and according to the tape he now has herpes.

The video shows the lady being reprimanded by the supposed elder sister of the young boy who was raped.

The video has elicited reactions from several Nigerians many of who agree that the issue of rape against the make fold isn’t something that is regularly touched or published even though

A twitter user @dosesofraye said ”We don’t talk about black boys being abused ENOUGH! It’s so sad that so many black boys lose their virginity before they are 16 and to grown ass women who were supposed to take care of them and instead violated them.” while another @Drebae_ ”Sexual abuse causes trauma & often makes children grow up & mature before they are even ready. Robbing them of their childhood & their innocence. If someone sexually abused you just know you did NOTHING WRONG to deserve it. you are beautiful, you are loved and YOU MATTER”

Another twitter user lashed out at others trying to justify the sad incidence @dana1t saying ”it’s especially sad because i keep seeing the justification behind it is that they’ve been through something similar and they’re “fine”.. they don’t even know they’re victims. it’s heartbreaking really” while yet another  said ”The amount of grown men under this taking about he enjoyed it and how they would’ve enjoyed or wished for that to be them at 14, is honestly so disgusting. I honestly pity y’all that have that mindset thinking that being abused by an adult is a good thing.”


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