MISSION WENT WRONG !! Human Parts Thieves  Got Caught In The Act …Details Will Shock 

With the recent increase in ritual rate, some human parts thieves were caught inside a church’s cemetery in Ogun State, after allegedly stealing human body parts from no fewer than 35 tombs.

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A bricklayer identified as Kunle Adewunmi, who is said to be a specialist in breaking into cemeteries to steal human body parts, was arrested alongside his two accomplices in Abeokuta, Ogun State. The human parts thieves who were caught digging up graves at Methodist Church’s cemetery at Ogbe,Abeokuta, were sighted by a female member of the Odua People’s Congress (OPC).

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The OPC member was attracted to the scene by the loud sound of diggers used by the suspects. After she raised an alarm, OPC members in the area who apprehended the suspects. Adewunmi was identified as the bricklayer who was usually hired to plaster graves after burial of bodies at the graveyard.

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‘’The bricklayer is very known to the church members. He is the one usually contracted to plaster tombs inside the cemetery and took advantage of that to carry out his nefarious act at the cemetery.’’

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However, the suspects who were handed over to the Ogun State Police, allegedly mentioned a trader at the Itoku market as receiver of human parts stolen from the graveyard. They were subsequently.

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