Muslim Man Drags Blood Brothers To Court Because For Walking Around Naked In The House To Seduce His Wife

In a bid to protect his wife and kid, a man has dragged his biological brother to a sharia court for indecent behaviour and nudity in his house.

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A 34-year-old man, Umar Yusuf, on Monday dragged his brother, Rabiu Abdullahi before a Sharia Court l sitting in Magajin Gari, Kaduna State for allegedly smoking Indian hemp and walking around the house half-naked. Yusuf told the court that he lives with Abdullahi, 32, in a rented apartment in Kaduna metropolis.

He alleged that Abdullahi was in the habit of inviting his friends to smoke Indian hemp in the compound, adding that whenever he cautioned him he will argue with him. “He usually roams about the compound half-naked. I have a wife and kids. it’s not healthy for my family,” he said. The defendant, however, pleaded guilty to the offence.

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Abdullahi said that he too had a grievance to settle with Yusuf’s wife over the aroma of the food she cooks. “The aroma of the food disturbs me. A thin wall separates my room from theirs,” he said. 2 church guards steal pastor’s daughter’s pants The Judge, Dahiru Lawal ordered the defendant to stop inviting friends to smoke and also roam about half-naked in the compound.

He advised the brothers to live in peace and to discuss what they like and dislike so that peace would reign between them.

Sharia in Nigeria

In Nigeria, Sharia has been instituted as a main body of civil and criminal law in 9 Muslim-majority and in some parts of 3 Muslim-plurality states since 1999, when then-Zamfara State governor Ahmad Sani Yerima began the push for the institution of Sharia at the state level of government.

Twelve out of Nigeria’s thirty-six states have Sunni Islam as the dominant religion. In 1999, those states chose to have Sharia courts as well as Customary courts.[2]

As of 2012, the following 9 states have instituted Sharia:

  • Zamfara State (27 January 2000)
  • Kano State (21 June 2000)Sokoto State
    Katsina State
    Bauchi State (June 2001)
    Borno State
    Jigawa State
    Kebbi State
    Yobe State
    the following 3 states have also instituted Sharia in some parts with large Muslim populations

    Kaduna State
    Niger State (4 May 2000)
    Gombe State

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  • Blasphemy and apostasy
    A Sharia court may treat blasphemy as deserving of several punishments up to, and including, execution. In many predominantly Muslim states, conversion from Islam to another religion is illegal and often a capital offence.

    In 2014 a Nigerian man, Mubarak Bala was forcibly committed to a psychiatric institution in Kano for eighteen days, where he was forcibly drugged after stating that he was an atheist. The International Humanist and Ethical Union took up the case, stating that Bala’s human rights were violated.

    Main article: Sani Yakubu Rodi
    In 2002, the first execution of a man convicted under Sharia laws took place in Katsina State. The man was hanged after pleading guilty to murdering a woman and her two children and foregoing appeal. Human Rights Watch condemned the execution.

    In 2014, homosexual men were targeted by Hisbah, the religious police. According to a member of the Sharia Commission, homosexuals should be killed by stoning, hanging or pushing them from a high place.In Nigeria, federal law criminalizes homosexual behaviour, but states with Sharia law imposed the death penalty.