SO SAD! Family Murders Woman And Tender Child As Heartless Killers Send Others To Early Grave

It was a shocking report when the news of a woman murder became known as more reactions trail the incident.
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According to PM News, the woman and her young grand-daughter were murder by a man and his son.
According to the report, a Cambodian farmer and his son have been charged with the beheading murders of a woman and her 6-year-old granddaughter whose bodies were found in a forest, authorities said on Friday.
The Kampong Cham Provincial Court charged the two men with murder with aggravating circumstances on Thursday, said James McCabe, operations director of the Child Protection Unit (CPU), a police division supported by the non-governmental Cambodian Children’s Fund. “The accused father, who is in his 60s, and the 35-year-old son were known to the victims and they lived in the same commune,” McCabe told dpa.
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Report has it that they face up to 30 years in prison if convicted. The headless bodies of the 65-year-old woman and her granddaughter were found in a forest about 350 metres from their home in the central province of Kampong Cham on April 3.
McCabe said they had been reported missing about 24 hours prior.
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Recently, McCabe said four individuals were answering questions from a task force comprised of the CPU, national and local police officers and a visiting Australian forensic pathologist.
“The father and son, who farm cashews and bananas in the area, were two of the four people assisting the police with their inquiries,” McCabe added.
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He did not share a motive or if police were seeking additional suspects. McCabe was asked whether the victims’ heads had been found, said: “The investigation is ongoing in regards to evidence gathering.”
The accused were being held in the provincial prison.
In another development, more reactions have trailed the killing of people in a city in the US State of CaliforniaIt was reported that at least four people were shot in Watts after the funeral procession for Nipsey Hussle had passed through the neighbourhood, the latest in a recent violence in South Los Angeles, local media reported on Friday.
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Los Angeles Police Chief Michel Moore said three men and one woman were shot near the intersection of 103rd and Main Street, while one of the victims later died. “We must stop this senseless violence,’’ Moore said on Twitter.
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The shooting occurred after the procession for the slain rapper had left Watts, and there are no indications the violence was connected to the memorial.Hussle’s killing on March 31 in front of his clothing store made international headlines.
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Moore and other community leaders have said his death is part of a larger increase in killings in the area.
In the week leading up to Hussle’s death, 11 people were slain in LA – over double in 2018 weekly average. About half the killings occurred in south LA, while all of the victims were black or Latino. Officials described the recent surge as possibly a back-and-forth between rival gangs.
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The night Hussle was shot; Moore noted on Twitter that the killing represented “the latest loss in a troubling surge in violence. “Since Sunday, 26 victims have been shot, while 10 were a homicide that is 36 families left picking up the pieces. We will work aggressively with our community to quell this senseless loss of life,’’ Moore stressed.
There have been no reports of violence related to the Hussle procession, which drew tens of thousands to the streets of south LA.
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It is expected that the authorities will swing into action to ensure that these killings are stopped. Moreover, more preventive actions will be far better so as to prevent further loss of human live
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