SHOCKING! Nigerian Woman Brutally Disfigured By Angry Husband Still Declares Her Love For Him [Graphic Photo]

There is a deep cultural belief in Nigeria that it is socially acceptable to hit a woman to discipline a spouse. Domestic violence is widespread and shows no signs of lessening in Nigeria. Most times, victims, mostly the women are evacuated from their husband’s house in a bid to curb the horror gradually turning to a normal occurence. This is why Nigerians have been left in shock after  a Nigerian woman who was allegedly brutalized and injured by her husband, has come under heavy criticisms from fellow citizens after revealing she still deeply loves him despite her condition.




According to reports, the woman was seriously wounded and left with bloodied eyes after the attack which saw her rejected by a hospital. It was gathered that when human rights activists wanted to intervene on her behalf to make the husband pay for his action, she said she still loves him. Internet users have given their various opinions on the issue – with many urging the woman to leave the marriage or look for a better solution before ending up dead. A facebook user identified as Duruji Ogechi Duke took his page to vent. He wrote: The husband beat her to stupor that she was rejeted at the hospital yet she says she still loves him even when human rights wanted to intervene for her and deal with the beast! You see one of the reason that demoralizes me from fighting for most women. If not, this kind of men I go beat them like idiot….Physically before I involve the police… It’s better to have a divorced daughter than a dead daughter.





It would be recalled that a Lagos State House of Assembly aspirant, Moses Nnaekpe shared photos and video of a woman who brutally beaten by her husband. He said: ‘ I was coming home this evening and I stumbled on this woman that was beaten  by her husband. I took her to the husband to find out what happened, he told me it’s none of my business that he has the right to beat her. I quickly sent her for treatment and got the idiot arrested. Every home has its challenge, but we must not result to this. If this guy isn’t tamed now, he may kill this woman one day. #ReportDomesticViolence #HonMosesKashimawo.’ The violent husband was arrested last Friday, and has been in cell. The victim on Sunday made an appeal for his release but asked that he is made to sign an undertaken stating tha the will never beat her again.”


Watch video of his interview with the victim today,  in which she agreed to settle the matter within the family.






Source: National Helm

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