Unbelievable!!! House Wife Arrested After Beating Husband To Death

The Police in Kano State on Tuesday arrest housewife, Rashida Muhammad, in Dorayi Quarters for allegedly pushing her husband to his death on the stairs. The command’s Public Relations Officer, Deputy Superintendent of Police Abdullahi Haruna, confirmed the incident in Kano State to the News Agency of Nigeria.

Haruna said the incident occurred on February 25, at 8 p.m. He said that Rashida who suspected her husband, “Adamu Ali” was having a phone conversation in the room with his girlfriend, engaged him in a fight. He said a fight had ensued when the wife attempted to snatch the phone from her husband. The PPRO alleged that Rashida pushed her husband during a struggle from the stairs to his death. Haruna, who said that the victim was confirmed dead at the Aminu Kano Teaching Hospital, added that the command has commenced an investigation in the matter. He said the suspect would be charged to court after investigation into the matter is completed.At its worst, violence is the use of intense force, often with the use of some weapons, to coax, threaten, or fatally harm others in order to get them to surrender their property, themselves, or even their lives. In its milder form, as discussed below, violence may not involve the use of physical weapons but may still inflict harm in some other ways.As a universal phenomenon, violence is not unique to Nigeria. However, there are three peculiarities about violence in the country. One, there are far too many agents of violence as discussed below. Two, these agents spur violence more or less concurrently, leading to a high rate of violence in the country. Three, sadly, there is neither a coordinated effort to curb violence nor a discernible plan to address the causes of violence perpetrated by the different agents. The result is a high rate of insecurity with all its consequences on personal safety and the economy.Three types of violence are prevalent in Nigeria. The most common and easily recognisable type is physical violence, which involves the use of physical force, including the use of weapons. This is the type of violence exercised by various destructive agents, including insurgents, notably Boko Haram; marauding herdsmen; armed robbers; kidnappers; cultists; political thugs; security agents, especially police and the army; and randy men, who rape their female victims.Another type of violence, much less recognisable than physical violence, is verbal violence. It involves the use of abusive, derogatory, divisive or otherwise demeaning language. This type of violence is common during election campaigns when political opponents haul invectives at one another, peddling misinformation and outright falsehoods.


The third type, symbolic violence, popularised by French sociologist, Pierre Bourdieu, involves the use of power or a powerful tool, such as a dominant language, and social mechanisms to impose an ideology and control over a given society. It is also possible to view political corruption as a form of symbolic violence because it allows those who have access to national resources, such as politicians and civil servants, to appropriate such resources and use them to control others, while depriving them of access to appropriate political goods.

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