Nigerian Man Brutally Beats Up His Girlfriend For Inviting Another Man To His House

Domestic violence in Nigeria. Domestic violence takes many forms including physical, sexual, emotional, and mental. Traditionally, domestic violence is committed against females. Common forms of violence against women in Nigeria are rape, acid attacks, molestation, wife beating, and corporal punishment. A lady identified as Esther, has been allegedly battered by her boyfriend for inviting another man to his house.


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It was gathered that Esther had paid the sum of N50,000 to the man identified as Teddy to buy her phone, however, the deal later fell through and Teddy only agreed to refund N30,000.


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So, last week, Esther told her friend to come over to her boyfriend, Festus’ house to drop the money, but on getting there, the two friends resorted into a heated argument. Embarrassed by the scene created by the duo, Festus descended on his girlfriend for inviting Teddy to his house.



Recently, there has been a growing trend in Domestic Violence against women in Nigeria, and in Africa as a whole. Domestic Violence is defined as a pattern of abusive behaviour in any relationship, that is used by one partner to gain or maintain power and control over the other partner. Domestic violence may be physical, sexual, emotional or psychological. They include behaviours such as, but not limited to, hitting, slapping, choking, beating, forced sexual acts, undermining a partner’s sense of self or self-esteem by constant criticism and name-calling etc.

Domestic Violence is a huge problem here in Nigeria, yet there is insufficient data on it due to the stigma and silence surrounding the issue. Fortunately, there have been several stories of domestic violence making headlines around the country which has brought more awareness to this epidemic.


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In Nigeria, most people choose to stay in abusive relationships for various reasons such as fear of losing custody of the children, financial instability, low self-esteem, stigmatization, religion etc. Though these reasons may seem valid, honestly speaking, these are excuses; as there should be no reason that would justify staying in a relationship that would diminish your quality of life, harm your general well-being and could ultimately end one’s life.

According to reports, that wasn’t his first time of pummeling Esther.