TRAGIC! Drunk Mother Kills Baby, Realizes Hours Later

A woman allegedly killed her daughter by mistake after getting drunk. The woman identified as Mrs. Mirriam Kalonda of Lusaka in Olympia, Zambia – mistakenly killed her only daughter believed to be just three weeks old.



According to The Zambian Observer, Mirriam had a lot of drinks on a Saturday night with her friends who came to visit her home.. It is believed she slept over her daughter as she was very drunk and woke up in the morning with a dead baby girl’s body. Her husband has said he will file for divorce and insist she should be jailed for killing their only child because of her recklessness and unacceptable behavior..

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He came back from work in the morning as he was working night shift, only to be greeted with the sad news. Mr Richard Kalonda further said he stopped her from taking alcohol but she couldn’t listen and this is the disappointment she could offer to him and the family at-large Meanwhile, Mirriam is said to be currently under observation as she also attempted to kill herself after what had happened.


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It would be recalled that a woman identified as Lovily Johnson has pleaded guilty to second-degree murder after she left her baby in hot car for 3 days while partying hard in town. Lovily Johnson, 23, from Michigan, USA, left her 6-month-old baby Noah in her car seat for days without any food or water and the air conditioning was left off. Police said the temperature in the attic bedroom hit 32C. Johnson was sentenced to between 20 and 80 years behind bars. During sentencing Judge Mark Trusock at a Kent County Circuit Court described her actions as “outrageously disturbing”. Judge Trusock added he hoped she never had the opportunity to have another child. Johnson’s four-year-old daughter has been taken into care. The horrific crime came to light when she took Noah’s decomposing body, still in the car seat, to the Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital in Grand Rapids on July 19, 2017. An autopsy carried out on the little boy, who weighed just 12 pounds when he died, found he was severely dehydrate, malnourished and had severe nappy rash.


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In a similar case, a mother killed her baby by feeding him with vodka. The mother reportedly took him to the hospital four times within a week but refused to hospitalise him every time. Sources close to the family told local media that Yarych did not want to spend the holiday period in hospital with her baby. According to the sources, Yarych repeatedly gave Zakhar vodka to drink to make him sleep during the week so she could party. The youngster died on January 5. A post-mortem examination found his death was caused by a viral infection. Police started investigating the mother and her husband, Mikhail Yarych, who is the stepfather of her baby and reportedly was aware of the situation but did nothing to help the child. Police have not commented on the matter yet. The investigation is ongoing and no arrests have been reported.


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