Boko Haram: Abdulmalik Makes Shocking Confession About Killing 200 Persons, Nyanya Bomb Blast

A top commander of the Boko Haram, Umar Abdulmalik has admitted to killing over 200 persons before he was arrested by the operatives, Umar Abdulmalik, a suspected member of the dreaded Boko Haram, who was arrested by operatives of the Inspector General of Police, Intelligence Response Team, disclosed his involvement in carrying out several bombings in many states.

Abdulmalik also revealed how he and his gang plotted the 2014 Nyanya bomb blast, as well as the attack on a prison in Kogi state where members of the sect were serving jail terms. He admitted leading other members of the sect in several attacks on banks, robberies and killings in the (FCT), Abuja, Owo in Ondo state and in Lokoja, Kogi state.

30-year-old Abdulmalik who hails from Okene in Kogi State, admitted killing over 200 persons before he was arrested. He disclosed how he met one Mallam Mustapha who recruited him into the deadly sect in 2009.

He said: “I joined one of the Boko Haram cells in Okene headed by one Zeeidi and we carried out several bombings in Kaduna, Kano and Abuja. Zeeidi was the person providing the bombs while my job then was to take them to our target locations. After a while, the Department of State Security (DSS) infiltrated our cell and started arresting members of our group and Mallam Mustapha was arrested and his mosque demolished.

“The idea of robbing banks came in later when we realised that we were running out of cash. He brought some guns and suggested we should attack the Koton Karfe Prison in Kogi State to free our members who were detained there. The attack on the prison was successful and we freed a lot of our members. While we were leaving we attacked some banks in Okene.

“Then we moved to Owo and attacked some of the banks there with dynamites and carted away large sums of money. We used some of the money to buy additional explosives, including materials we could use in producing none-metallic bombs. “Later, a lot of our members, including Zeedi, were arrested after the bank robberies and the attack on the prison.

”We later moved to Abuja with the bombs we produced and I formed a new cell in 2014 and we carried out several bombings, including those at Banex Plaza, Nyanya and Kuje areas of Abuja, but unfortunately, our gang was busted and five of our members were arrested.”