Man accuses Ogun F-SARS of brother’s unlawful arrest, detention

The younger brother of an Ogun motorcycle rider, Biola Olopade, has accused the Federal Special Anti-Robbery Squad in Magbon, Abeokuta, of arresting his brother, Aliyu Olopade, unlawfully and detaining him for two months without allowing him to see his family members.
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Biola, who made the accusation before the Presidential Panel set up to hear and investigate complaints against the F-SARS, said his brother, was wrongfully arrested for murder, adding that the person who allegedly committed the crime was walking freely in the community.
Narrating his brother’s ordeal to the panel, Biola claimed that the F-SARS officers had refused to arrest the culprit.
He said, “I was in Ibadan when one of our relations who stay with my brother in Igbesa called to tell me that my brother had been arrested by policemen during a raid and had been in detention for some days, noting that all efforts to get him out had proved abortive. He told me that other people arrested with my brother had been released.
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“I came down to the F-SARS office in Abeokuta; when I got there, I saw some policemen at the gate and I told them that my brother was among the people arrested, but I was sent back on the grounds that it was late in the day. I went back there the following day in the morning; I was still not allowed to see him; I was told to go and look for the Investigative Police Officer in charge of the case to ascertain if my brother was among the people arrested.
“I was told that a fight broke out in Igbesa and in the process, someone was killed. The police came for a raid and my brother was among the people arrested. The two people that caused the fight ran away, and when one of them came back to the community, I went to report at the SARS office, but I was rebuffed.
“I called the OC SARS to tell him that the culprit called ‘Ijoba’ was back in town walking freely and that they should come and arrest him, but he only told me that he heard what I said.”
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According to Biola, he did not report at the police station in Igbesa, because of the possibility that Ijoba’s friend would bail him and that since it was the officers in Abeokuta who arrested his brother, they should be the one to arrest Ijoba.