BBNaija: ‘This Is A Traditional Marriage BTW Tacha And Seyi’ – Fans React As She Feeds Him In The Mouth (Video)

The relationship between Tacha and Seyi in the Big Brother House keeps getting more interesting. The latest is the video trending of Tacha feeding him in the mouth.

During the grand reception that was organised after the coronation of Seyi as the Tor Tiv, Tacha got up to ask Seyi if he wanted more food. When he said yes, she went and served him. Then, Seyi, in turn, asked her to share with him and she took out of his dish, had a bite and fed him with the rest. Watch the video below:

Fans were happy to see the closeness between the two and took to social media to make comments about it. Here are some gathered:

These two has finally personalize the entire BBNaija2019 show to themselves. Every activity must end with both of them trending ranging from DS, to nomination, to arena game, HoH game. Haba! Seyi and Tacha, give others a chance to trend small now.”

Tacha and Seyi kuku kill me!!! after this we await our weekly dose of heartbreak.”

Who saw Tacha eating from Seyi‘s bowl, hmmmmm. I didn’t say anything oooo. Let me be going.”

This camera man needs lashes. How can Tacha be feeding Seyi and you only showed us when she was done.”

Biggie this is a traditional marriage BTW Tacha and Seyi as long as I am concerned.”

“I don’t know about you but I had one of the best afternoons watching my favs taking the center stage.”

You can say anything whatever happens I don’t care. Tacha and Seyi are the reason people are interested and watching this show this year.”

They are doing it slow and steady… Tacha and Seyi, we no dey rush too we wait when it will finally sailed.”