BBNaija: Gedoni In Trouble As Khafi’s Hot Ex Joins Pepper Dem Housemates

For all those who have been complaining of the Pepper Dem housemates being boring, hope you can see the mega twists Big Brother has added in 24 hours? Tuesday saw two people, Venita and Elozonam joining the gang and just when they thought things would start to settle down, another two, Enkay and Joe, joined on Wednesday. That’s not all the twist though. Guess what?

It turns out that Joe, the latest housemate is actually Khafi’s ex. Ha! Biggie, why na? He even told Khafi, ‘I came for you.” It is no news that Khafi is currently dating Gedoni. According to speculations, Biggie has given Joe a secret task….lean towards Khafi to provoke Gedoni.

The drama this new twist is garnering online is crazy. Funny enough, a lot of fans are happy about Joe’s entrance into the house and hope he can break the Khadoni (Gedoni and Khafi) ship which has become more about sexx these past days. Here are some comments gathered:

So Joe really is Khafi‘s ex? Maybe she will slow down with Gedoni…and realize that if the love is real it waits to get to know Gedoni’s soul first.”

So the new Housemate Joe is reportedly Khafi‘s ex-boyfriend, what is biggie up to with this twist? Anyway, I’m ready to watch how this whole drama will unfold.”

If it’s true Joe is Khafi ‘s ex, that’s quite interesting. The only thing she needs to do is to be honest with Gedoni about it like he did with Kim. Trust my G, Gedoni to keep his cool always like he’s always sensing Biggie is up to something. Even Adesua Wellington is out to damage him.”

‘Will this new guy be an able distraction enough to cause a confusion between the two lovebirds though’ is a question fans need an answer to.