BBNaija: Shock As New Information Reveal Mike’s Wife Is Older Than Him

The idea of women marrying younger men is becoming popular in our days, but its acceptability has been strongly challenged. It is not really a big deal in the western world, but it is a big deal in some places in Africa. It still remains a strange and unacceptable idea in Africa and everyone seem to envisage nothing more than problems in such union. What is actually wrong with such a union? Absolutely nothing! And that is the case here after a post revealed that 2019 Big Brother Naija housemate, Mike Edwards is younger than his wife.

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That one time when you’re not tuned into the show and you return to see all kinds of drama involving Mike inside the house. . REGARDLESS of the OBVIOUS hate, being wrongly treated & being rudely spoken too by certain individual housemates. We all know alcohol can bring out different sides of a persons personality. I admire and love how Mike can handle himself in certain situations. I think if it were someone else the outcome could have been worse. . Life is a teacher and there are people that will always test you just to get the reaction they’re looking for. Thing is it’s how you react that shows true CHARACTER & what makes you the BIGGER person. . In my husbands defence which I had no doubts about, he handled himself well with composure as always because he was raised to be a true gentleman!! #teammike #bbnaija

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How did this information come to light? Well, his wife, Perri Shakes-Drayton, had dropped a post about visiting her grandmother at Grenada, saying it took her 30 years to finally visit.

The post had caught the eye of a fan, with the handle, esthersky_77 asked her if she is older then her husband, Mike, since he claims to be 28 years old. She had asked, “It took you 30 years to visit then how old are you ?? But your husband is claiming 28 years. I don’t understand iyaaawoo mike bbn, pls explain to us! Does it mean your husband or you are older than your husband cos he is saying he is 28 years?” To which another fan replied in the affirmative.

If it took her 30 years to go visit her grandmother, then it simply means Perri is older than her husband. There is absolutely wrong with that as long as they love each other.