BBNaija: Meet The Male Housemate That Can Break Tacha’s Relationship With Her Boyfriend

We all know ladies who are most times defensive have inferiority complex issues and BBNaija pepper dem housemate, Tacha may not be a stranger in this department.


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As we all know, the popular Instagram slay queen has been all shades of resistant, defensive, argumentative, rude and ‘bold’ and fans of the show expressing their views on Tacha’s character in the house has made her a topic of discussion more than once on social media.


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Truth be told, irrespective of what anyone may think, Tacha needs to cool off. Why it’s simple, She’s not the only one working towards winning the N60m prize money. Though many have likened her to ex BBNaija housemate, Cee_C, Tacha has been pushed the buttons of several housemates mainly because of her sharp tongue. So what kind of housemate do you think holds the key to Tacha’s cool spot?


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After consulting some Nigerian men on Tacha’s tantrums and her explosive nature, they all arrived at the same conclusion on the ideal man that can win Tacha’s heart in the house and maybe even cause a rift between her and her boyfriend outside the house. So who is this ideal man and what qualities must he possess?


MATURE AND ACCOMODATING: Tacha’s frequent tantrums are not the kind that may be easily endured by most men. Though it may be a turn off for most, some men who possess this quality will easily win ladies like Tacha over. It takes a lot of self-control to deal with ladies with temper issues and the only man who can afford to handle such is the one who is mature enough to. The aftermath of this may break down Tacha’s defensive walls.

CALMNESS: One quality that has a very short life span among most folks is the act of being calm in any situation. Simply put, only a man gentle enough to ignore a lady’s excesses can withstand Tacha’s heat. Eventually, this pays off in the end as the gentle nature gradually rubs off on her. Truth be told, every woman loves a man that is calm even in her madness.

UNDERSTANDING and SUPPORTIVE: It takes a lot for partners to understand each other but for men who have mastered the art, bonding with a partner like Tacha is just a piece of cake. Every lady wants to know they are supported against all odds and that they are being understood and if someone is able to make Tacha feel this way, the rest is history.

SENSE OF HUMOUR: One of the secrets to a woman’s heart is laughter. No matter how moody or uptight she is, the moment you’re able to make her smile or laugh, she is hooked. If there’s any of this quality found among the male BBNaija housemates, there’s no doubt that Tacha’s wall would melt away in a split second.

ROMANCE: A romantic man who knows how to make a woman feel secure will definitely work wonders on Tacha. According to viewers of the BBNaija show, Tacha’s character is a reflexion of her insecurities. They assumed the presence of other housemates and the milestones they have attained made her feel insecure and birthed a bitter lady who bickers all the time. So with a little pixy dust of romantic gestures and playtimes from this ride or die guy, it is believed that a different and more loving side of her would be seen on the show.

Do you agree with all the points listed above and doy you feel there’s more that’s not been mentioned? Kindly drop your opinion in the comment section below and don’t forget to share.