Ella Becomes The Winner Of BBNaija Day 2 Challenge, As The Ladies Outshine The Guys

The BBNaija show Day 2 got the Housemates busy all day. From the Task to the games and conversations, we definitely got a huge dose of entertainment. Not forgetting the epic fight between two of the ladies, Tacha and Thelma.

Recall that Big Brother Naija Housemate, Nelson had emerged the winner of the first Housemates’ challenge for the ‘Pepper dem gang’ edition. Victory had come his way after all the male housemates had gone through their first challenge as instructed by “Biggie. They were divided into two groups; the ladies and the guys.

The guys were each asked to pick a ball each, raise it high over their heads and avoid bringing it down all the while keeping their elbows straight. the ladies, on the other hand, were told to serve as distractions to the guys, achieving the task without making contact with the guys.

Omashola was the first to be evicted. One by one, they were evicted until Nelson and Frodd were the last two standing. The ladies did a banging job of distracting the two guys while they tried really hard to keep their focus. After more than 35 minutes, the end of the task came when Biggie announced Frodd’s disqualification and Nelson emerged victorious. The Last Man Standing award went to him!

Little did the ladies know that their own challenge was going to come! Soon, it was their turn. They were to repeat the guys’ earlier task of holding the ball high above their heads while holding the balls and not putting them down. The guys took their turns to distract them too. The first lady to be disqualified was Kimoprah.

One by one, the ladies dropped out like flies. The fourth lady standing was the police officer, Khafi and the third to drop out was Tacha.

At last, it was Isilomo and Ella for gold. The guys did their best to distract the ladies but they kept up their endurance. But alas, Isilomo couldn’t keep up anymore and had to drop her hand which made Ella the winner of the challenge.

Another thing that is important to note was the fact that while comparing the two challenges, the guys had lasted about 37 minutes but guess what? The ladies lasted and surpassed them, getting all the way to an hour on the challenge. It was indeed a winning moment for the ladies who proved that they were stronger than the guys.