Uriel of Big brother Naija finally wears her 600 thousand Naira Dress (See pictures)

The struggle to remain relevant and on top of ones game as a celebrity comes with hard work, competitions and also the ability to flaunt expensive and luxurious lifestyle even if you have to fake it to make it because these are the things that makes you a star and also make you more popular.

In the case of Uriel, her life after the BigBrother Naija season 2 has been the best for her because she became popular after the show ended and because of this, she has got no choice than to strive hard to build her brand and make a good name for her self in the Industry.

One of the ways she can do this is to step up her fashion game which requires money and some other important things.

In a bid to step up her game, UrielĀ  posted a picture of her self on her social media where she flaunted her beautiful dress she claimed to have cost her 600 thousand Naira only.

She announced on her Instagram page that nobody must step on her beautiful dress because of how much she got it.

See what she wrote:

Uriel who is a cousin to Nigeria’s Area Father Charly boy has shown that her love for expensive and luxurious life style can not be over estimated and she has been able to prove that she can actually afford whatever life style she portrays to be living.

Few weeks ago, she narrated a sad experience on her social media page of how her original H&M sneakers where stolen at the beach while she was modelling and taking pictures.

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In her words, i pulled my H&M sneakers to climb the rocks for a photo session and before i came back, it was gone.

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I asked people around, and a lady replied saying the beach had taken her sneakers away.

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She continued to lament that she had to walk across the beach without shoes and she suddenly turned back to see the women rejoicing behind her.

See Video :

The reality star is know for her original lifestyle and very playful character. She has tried to keep her life private and scandal free also tries to remain in the news.

This must have been a hard one for Uriel because she has been able to do all of these perfectly.

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Source: Instagram

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