Many Dead, Injured In Terrible Road Accident Along Ndola Kapiri Road

Terrible road accident along Ndola Kapiri road …
Many dead and many others injured. Video too graphic to publish

It is gathered that many people have died on the spot while many others sustained serious injuries in a recent and gruesome road traffic accident in which vehicles they were traveling in were involved in an accident in Zambia’s Central Ndola-Kapiri road on.

In recent times, these routes have been termed ‘death road’ because of the number of lives that have gone on it through road traffic accidents.

In the most recent of them all before today’s tragedy, ten people died on the spot in a fatal road traffic accident along Kapiri-Ndola road near Mpongwe turn off after a Hiace collided with a Copper laden South African Truck. buttressing the point that there is more to that road that meets the eye.

The injured have been rushed to a local hospital but cannot state how many people were in the minibus, or how much they are responding to treatment.

Accidents are becoming a norm and common on Zambian roads involving public buses. Last year, 30,652 road traffic accidents were recorded on the country’s roads compared to 30,163 the previous year. These numbers are becoming a headache. Lets curb this menace before it eats too deep.

Lets hope and put our fellows involved in the accident speedy recovery and the strength to bear the loss for the family of those who couldn’t survive the crash.

More details to follow…

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photo credit: zambianwatch