Ibadan Golf Club Set For New Tourney

The Ibadan Golf Club is set to host another tourney with over 235 golfers across the country expected to be in attendance.

The planned two-day tournament that would run through October 2-3 is to celebrate the newly-elected Captain, Ola Ibironke, and Lady Captain, Mary Okunola.

Secretary of the tournament’s Local Organising Committee, Tunde Akande said he is delighted with the high number of golfers that have shown interest in participating in the two-day tourney.

“So far we have 190 men and 45 females who have shown interest in participating. We have some regulations in view of the fact that we are still in the COVID-19 period.

“The club as a corporate body is seriously working in guiding the health status of golf members. In view of this, we have been able to put in some measures to control the crowd.

“There is going to be just one entrance into the club, and mandatory temperature check before stepping into the club. No one would be allowed in without a facemask,” he said.

He added that there won’t be congestion of golfers at the starter point as social distancing will be maintained.

“The players would be playing for two-days so as to reduce the numbers of golfers daily at the club. There’s a playing schedule that everyone would receive before the tournament starts.

“This will enable each player to know when they are playing and know they don’t have to be at the club until it’s time for their match,” he said.

Meanwhile, the club’s captain, Mr. Ibironke said that all hands were on deck to make the tournament a memorable one.

 “A lot of captains from various clubs in Nigeria have signified their intention to attend. It won’t be surprising to see all gold captains from South-West in attendance.

He added that many measures had been put in place as regards COVID-19 to curtail the spread.

“You can’t come into the club for this tournament without a facemask,” he stated.