‘Paul Costa Is Gonna Get Popped’ – Israel Adesanya Warns Opponent

Nigerian mixed martial arts fighter Israel Adesanya popularly known as the Stylebender will defend his UFC middleweight belt against Paul Costa, the Brazilian Eraser. 

The fight which is slated for the 27th of September is bound to be a tough one as both fighters have been undefeated so far in their professional mixed martial arts careers.

In a build up to the fight, Adesanya has already sent warning shots to his opponent. “No matter how much you fill up a balloon…He’s likely still gonna get popped!” he tweeted.

Israel holds a record of 19 fights, 19 wins, 14 knockouts, and 0 losses while Paul Costa’s record stands at 13 fights, 13 wins, 11 knockouts, and 0 losses.

Costa is a dangerous middleweight with brutal power in his hands. He may not have the cleanest striking but he can separate people from their consciousness with ease. 

Additionally, his intense pressure poses a serious threat to fighters in the early rounds. Adesanya, on the other hand, is one of the best strikers in the UFC. 

He might not look threatening but he can surely knock out anybody in the division. Many critics believe that Costa will be an easy fight for Adesanya because of “The last Stylebender’s” slick counters.

Being his 20th fight, it’s definitely a landmark event and all eyes are on Israel to deliver victory on that fateful day.