Kambwili Says He’ll Fire All Police Officers When He Becomes President – VIDEO

Due to the recent arrest and detention of PF member of the Central committee Raphael Nakachinda at Chelston police station in Lusaka, that resulted in a protest by the party which eventually went south as unknown cadres attacked them injuring some top officials of the party.

As a result of the government’s ill treatment towards his fellow party member, Former NDC leader and front man for the leadership of the patriotic front, Mr Chishimba Kambwili has lashed out at president HH’s New Dawn government for not following the due process of the law.

“I am not saying let a wrong man go scot free. Yes, if anyone does wrong or what is not right, you have every right backed by the law to charge and prosecute the person to the point of jail, but do not detain anyhow on just words of hearsay. Do not detain someone who you have no evidence against.”

“I will fire all the police officials when I come into government, and we will start all over again. Because it appears they have no idea what their duties are or why they exist. or let’s say they have forgotten.”

“I Will sack all of them. From the highest to the lowest of ranks.” He said in conclusion.