Why Igbo Presidency May Fail To Materialize In 2023 Election

The Year 2023 is far approaching, where we will decide the person who will be Nigerian president for the next 4 years. Many Nigerians have been clamouring for the Igbo presidency, which is possible. We expect this to end the agitation that is going on in the South-East of the country. Among the major clan in Nigeria, it is only the Igbo tribe that has not been President since 1999 to date.

If we consider we are one, we should offer the people of the south-east this presidency. Considering that we’ve not got a well-established democracy, that’s why we are still operating under tribal politics in Nigeria. In the advanced world, the presidency is open to all zones wherever you come from, as far as you are popular among your communities to win the party primary.

Igbo presidency is what we need to hold this country together as one. It will be important to consider it. But some factors may work against this assertion.

• A typical Igbo man is a business person

Most of the Igbo people are not politicians, they are business owners, and they have little or no interest in politics. Some of the Igbo leaders that we have cannot win in Nigeria, they can’t win in the country. The politicians who may have the capacity are Rochas Okorocha, Peter obi and Orji Kalu. Rochas is not among the caucus of the APC anymore, he has lost out, during the 2019 election. I doubt PDP will give Peter Obi the presidential ticket, and Orji Kalu has not declared his intention to run for the Presidency.

There’s nothing bad if we have an Igbo president, but politicians from the southeast must start working now. They must move out of their zone and let other people from other zones get acquainted with them. For example, how many of them have solicited support from party bigwigs in the North. And they must know how to resolve the agitation that is going on in the South-East because it’s my work against them.

Let us all realize that we need each other. There is nobody either from the South or the North who can win the presidency without the help of others. And let us stop the habit of playing tribal politics in Nigeria. Let us develop, regardless of where anybody comes from, once the person has what it takes to be president.