President HH Seen As Dishonest Internationally Because Of His Jumper Scandal – Sean Tembo

As Patriots for Economic Progress (PeP) we have noted with dismay that the coat which President Hakainde Hichilema claimed he wore for 127 days while in detention, and the one which was auctioned off for K2.5 million last Saturday evening, bore no resemblance whatsoever. This means that the President allegedly committed fraud by auctioning fake memorabilia.

We are fully cognizant of the fact that the President’s coat is his personal business. However, it becomes our business when we detect deceit and dishonesty in the President’s conduct. With regard to the matter in question, one does not need to be a forensic analyst in order to make a determination that the coat which President Hichilema auctioned off is totally different from the one that he wore during his time in detention.

As Patriots for Economic Progress, if this auction was done before Mr Hichilema became the Republican President, we would not have been concerned by it. However, now that Mr Hichilema is the Head of State, his honesty or lack thereof is a matter of national concern. We have also noted that this issue of the apparently fake memorabilia that was auctioned off by the President has already been picked by international media houses and is now trending worldwide.

As Patriots for Economic Progress, we wish to request President Hakainde Hichilema to issue a statement to clarify this matter of the alleged fake coat that he auctioned off for K2.5 million. Such a statement should be issued as soon as possible before the reputation of our country is damaged in the eyes of the International community. The interests of the Republic of Zambia are far more important than the interests of an individual President.

Thank You and May God Bless the Good Citizens of the Republic of Zambia and Our Ailing Nation.