I Have Reasons To Want Nigeria’s Breakup -Okorocha, Ghana Detains Nigerian Lawmaker

I Have Reasons To Want Nigeria’s Breakup: Okorocha

Former governor of Imo, Rochas Okorocha, says though he has reasons to support the breakup of the country, Nigerians should pray and work for a united Nigeria.

“I have enough reason to want the country to break down but this is a time to work for the peace and unity of our dear country,” Mr Okorocha said in an event to mark his 59th birthday on Sunday night.

“I am dedicating this birthday to a united Nigeria, I beg you to pray and support Buhari’s administration to tackle insecurity and restore peace in Nigeria. I plead with the clergymen to use the pulpit to preach for the unity of Nigeria,” he added.

Lamenting increased violence and bloodshed across the country, Mr Okorocha, a serving senator said, “My heart bleeds with the killing of countless Nigerians; the bloodbath in the country is worrisome but it is not over with Nigeria yet as there are better days ahead.”

Insecurity has taken a frightening trajectory in Nigeria with unknown gunmen killing and burning down public properties in the South-East, while bandits, kidnappers, and Boko Haram terrorists ravage the entire northern part of the country.

Aside from kidnapping hundreds of students in Katsina, Kagara Niger State, Kaduna, Kebbi and Zamfara State, bandits in July bombed a Nigerian Airforce jet and also raided the Kaduna branch of the Nigerian Defence Academy in August, killing two.

Spokespersons for the president Muhammadu Buhari regime and the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) party, however, continue to dismiss reports on insecurity as the work of the opposition trying to rubbish the achievements of Mr Buhari.
Source – People’s Gazette

Ghana Put Nigerian Lawmakers On Watch List After Buhari’s Terrorism Charges: Reps

A House of Representatives member representing Ethiope East and West in Delta state, Ben Igbapka, says Ghana has placed members of the national assembly on terrorism watch list following President Muhammadu Buhari’s independence day address.

Mr Igbapka said he was detained for four hours at an airport in Ghana, where he had visited for a wedding, over Mr Buhari’s comment that a national assembly member was sponsoring secessionist agitations in the country.

The lawmaker said after being detained, a Ghanaian immigration official apologised saying, following Mr Buhari’s indictment of Nigerian lawmakers, that they were “put on red alert to ensure that no member of parliament comes here to hide or cause trouble.”

Mr Igbapka said the president’s failure to name the lawmaker had placed 469 members of the national assembly on trial, adding that he wanted the House to invoke Section 88 of the constitution to compel Mr Buhari to “tell us who among us is sponsoring terrorism.”

While Mr Buhari’s claim during his independence day address focuses on secessionist groups, several notable voices have alleged the national assembly of being complicit in the nationwide insecurity, especially terrorism and religious crises.

Many authorities, including military intelligence, have accused the lawmakers and officials currently serving within the Buhari regime of being sympathetic to the Boko Haram terrorists, bandits and other extremist groups.

The Ghana embassy in Nigeria did not respond to calls from Peoples Gazette seeking clarification on the matter.
Source – People’s Gazette