UPND Thugs Turn Lusaka Upside Down – VIDEO

At the time President-elect Hakainde Hichilema and outgoing President Edgar Lungu were sharing niceties under the watch of former president Rupiah Banda, thugs of all complexion and bleaching operating under the cover of UPND unleashed violence and mayhem on the greater city of Lusaka yesterday.

In Mandevu’s Garden Township, the cadres ransacked Chimwansa area bus stop and began allocating trading stands to themselves and colleagues in the Red Army.

A further check in Chawama and Kabwata Constituency found ‘Hotel Rwanda’ scenes as the so-called UPND cadres took the role of grim rippers.

Armed with stone age tools like pangas, stones and hammers; the cadres went door-to-door looking for their former tormentors to extinguish juices and life out them.

The violent marauding has turned the likes of Eddie Gowa aka InterCity Commander into refugees in Congo as the escape lynching from their homeland names after the Zambezi River to which, they too, owe an explanation for their vigilante conduct.

Eyewitnesses accounts attest that the UPND thugs are attacking anything green including Zamtel booths which they are flipping like dominos.

The Reds, as the new ruling party is known, despite being called Siamese twins of violence with the PF by the Socialist Party, campaigned on a platform of ending thuggery and hooliganism; a promise their cadres seem not to have heard or selectively chosen to ignore.

Meanwhile, the criminal groupings from different parts of the country have traveled to Lusaka and are vying with each other to take over the illegal control of the InterCity Bus Terminus.

Cadres of the former ruling party who extorted money from bus operators abandoned bus station and vanished the moment it became clear they had lost the election.

In the place where PF flags hang in public facilities, there are now UPND ones.

Meanwhile, Power Tools buses have been stopped from operating from InterCity by thugs saying the company’s owner is a member of the PF.

Power Tools with the largest fleet of buses did not load from the terminus and it is yet to be known what will happen to the company.

Other buses that have been ejected include Chibeka Bus services which is owned by Deputy Commissioner of Police Charity Katanga, Mwekache bus services owned by State House employee Mwendapole, and Andrich bus service owned by Andrew Lubusha who is the PF Eastern Province chairman. Kalemba.