Who is afraid of Tein Jack-Rich; a Rejoinder

Whenever the search for false intellectuals, fake news purveyors, and insincere characters, who are veterans in the business of opportunism, propaganda and cheap blackmail arises, one name is always resounding, and never found missing on the list, He is, Mr. Jackson Ude, a self-acclaimed blogger and United States-based Abia born expired journalist.

Known for his notoriety, in raising false alarms, cheap blackmail, and accusations, his latest diatribe, and continued spread of falsehood, titled “OIL MOGUL PAYING BILLIONS IN BRIBE TO SULTAN, EMIR OF DAURA, KINGIBE OTHERS FOR APC 2023 PRESIDENTIAL TICKET”, is a reminder of how some unpatriotic elements, within the country, have continued to pretentiously, paraded themselves as intellectual, while in the real sense, the whole essence of their being educated is to use every available platform, to blackmail well-meaning individuals, either for the purpose of advancing their selfish pecuniary desires or the satisfaction of their sponsors and political godfathers.

In the latest campaign of calumny, being propagated by Jackson Ude and his army of social media rented rag tagged followers, he failed as usual, to provide any real evidence based on solid foundations for the accusations, against one of Nigeria’s most industrious, philanthropic, humble and hardworking young entrepreneurs, Mr Tien Jack-Rich, the CEO of Belema Oil. Jackson, while embarking on his sponsored campaign of calumny against this patriotic son of the Niger Delta, falsely accused Jack-Rich of making over $70 million from the “illegal sales” of the Bonny light Crude, and has subsequently been paying big cash to President Muhammadu Buhari’s close allies in the All Progressive Congress, APC, and the Presidency, for the APC 2023 presidential ticket. Jackson, acting further on the false information received from his sponsors also claimed that Mr. Jack-Rich receives payments from the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, NNPC, for his NNPC/Belema joint operations and heads straight to pay Northern leaders who have promised to make him President in 2023. An accusation, which only exists, in the imagination of Jackson Ude, and his sponsors, whom we clearly know and haven’t for once hidden their disdain for the ever rising popularity of Tien Jack-Rich across the Niger Delta and the country at large, basically due to his untiring commitment to youth development, philanthropy and welfare of the downtrodden.
several people in the know told Pointblanknews.com.

For those who have keenly followed the personality that Jackson Ude represents, and his recent blackmail against Mr Tien Jack-Rich, there is no doubt that he and his sponsors are merely expressing their frustration based on their dissatisfaction, towards the popularity and acceptability of Mr. Jack-Rich across the lenght and breadth of the country, where Traditional Rulers, Religious and Political Leaders, Youth and Women organisations, the downtrodden etc have continued to associate with him, in a manner that his beyond the comprehension of his detractors.

No doubt also, that with his philanthropic spirit and humility, the goodwill being enjoyed by Mr Jack-Rich across the country, one should not look far, before understanding the psychology of the Jackson Udes of this world, and his co-travellers, in this campaign of calumny.

Is it not callous, for Jackson Ude and his ilks, to be spreading this falsehood, beyond reasoning, at a time that Nigerians not only from the Niger Delta region, but every other part of the country, have come to appreciate God for the gift of such a humble and kind person of Tien Jack-Rich, to humanity?

It is sad, that despite the numerous commitments of this patriot to the growth of our country, these fake news merchants are mobilising to blackmail and ridiculed him in the public, mainly with the aim of tarnishing his image as a person, and Belema Oil as a corporate entity.

This junk, being circulated by Jackson Ude and his gang of blackmailers, is just one of their numerous publications, which they intend to continue to churn out, mostly through the social media, against the Mr Tien Jack-Rich and Belema Oil, coupled with other unsubstantiated accusations.

For the avoidance of doubt, Jack-Rich has is a passionate lover of Nigerians, irrespective of their tribal, religious or gender affiliation. He remains passionate about giving back to others so they can benefit from the same opportunities he has enjoyed from God. Tein Jack-Rich has continually demonstrated his passion for helping others, supporting families and young people through education scholarships, youth employment, medical support, Skills acquisition and provision of many other tools that empower individuals and communities economically.

One thing remains unchanged, irrespective of how desperate these characters become in the times ahead, neither their campaign of calumny or spiritual warfare are enough, to stop the idea of humanity, which this great patriot, Tien Jack-Rich, has become a symbol of.

Forward ever….

Olufemi Akindele
Citizens for Positive Leadership