Strange Evil Beast With 2 Heads And Horns Operating In State House To Undermine President Lungu – Prophet Amata

Prophet Isaac Amata claims that there is a strange evil beast with two heads and two horns operating in State House to undermine President Edgar Lungu.

Says he had a revelation on the 19th day of November 2019. Where he was taken up in spirit and was shown that there is a two headed evil beast in the state house which the evil ones want to use to undermine his rule.

Also stating that there was a list on the table with names of people about a siege and attack on the President of Zambia Edgar Chagwa Lungu. Charging him that it is time to be decisive as there is a great battle in the spiritual realm concerning President Lungu.

“I saw people with charms, sangomas working in the state house, and as the president sack people, they go back and work evil upon him to turn around the moving forward of the republic of Zambia”.

Prophet Isaac Amata also stressed the need for President Lungu to work on restoration of electric power, but that a tree does not make up a forest as the president needs hands to move the country forward to its destination on the world map.

“God bless the people of Zambia, President Edgar Chagwa Lungu, and God Bless The Nation of Zambia.


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