NGO trains 500 youths on entrepreneurship

The Ojo Abdulqadir Foundation has commenced a project titled the ‘’BULB’’ Brainstorming, Understanding entrepreneurship, Learning the ropes, and Building your Dreams.

According to Mrs Zainab Ojo, a Director at TOAF, the project will commence from September to February 2022 with a focus to mentor 500 young and existing entrepreneurs in Abuja.

She noted that areas of focus will be Agriculture and ICT among others, adding that the goal of the project will be to fund business ideas that have the potential of creating sustainable means of livelihood.

She said, “The project will provide start-up kit/manual, funding for successful applicants with sustainable business plans

“The BULB project will be divided into 4 stages, the mentoring stage, the Business plan submission stage, interviewing/pitching stage, funding stage.

“A registration portal has been created on the webpage, where participants will register to participate in the mentoring program. In the course of the mentoring program, external facilitators who are grounded in the focus areas listed above will be invited to anchor the session for 4 weeks.

“The objective is to mentor 500 young emerging entrepreneurs in Abuja by February 2022 and to provide funding for successful participants with sustainable business ideas.”

Ojo said BULB project is an ongoing activity where participants will be mentored on the knowledge they need to venture into businesses.