IPOB Fingers Gov Uzodinma Over Commander’s Death, Soyinka Attacks Buhari, All is not well with APC – Chairman

Soyinka to Buhari: Nigeria is at war; seek help, stop improvising with human lives

Following series of killings, especially the youth, and a high level of insecurity, Nobel Laureate, Prof Wole Soyinka has urged President Muhammadu Buhari led administration to seek help and stop playing with human lives in the country. Soyinka stated this in a statement released on Saturday, titled: “The endless Martyrdom of youth.”

The statement read in part: “Abubakar Atiku has summed up the nation’s feeling – this most recent savagery against our youth is heartbreaking. More than the heart is broken, however, more than millions of individual hearts still lay claim to bonds in common humanity. “The already over-stretched sinews of moral restraint have been snapped off the casing of nation being, and nothing is left but the collective wails of impotence. “Not for the first time, what many hoped was a Natural Law of Limitations has been contemptuously, defiantly breached. We need to remind ourselves of hideous precedents. We must remember Chibok. And Dapchi. And numerous antecedents and after, unpublicized, or soon relegated to the sump of collective amnesia. The wages of impunity never diminish, on the contrary, they distend.

“One’s greatest fear, with this latest feat of cowardly savagery, is that the nation must brace itself for a Beslan scenario, yet strive to avoid Nigeria become Africa’s Chechnya. Those who have been proven weak and incapable must learn to swallow their vain pride and seek help. “Again, this is no new counselling, but of course the dog that will get lost no longer heeds the hunter’s whistle. I envy no one the task ahead, terminating the toxic harvest of past derelictions. Blame laying is for later. Right now is the question of – what needs to be done, and done urgently.

“We keep avoiding the inevitable, but that very unthinkable now hammers brutishly on our gates, the blood ransom arrogantly insatiable. This nation is at war, yet we continue to pretend that these are mere birth-pangs of a glorious entity. “They are death throes. Vultures and undertakers hover patiently but with full confidence. “The dogs of war stopped merely baying years ago. Again and again, they have sunk their fangs into the jugular of this nation.

“The plague called COVID has met its match on the earth of some nation space once known as Nigeria. I grieve with the bereaved, but mourn even more for our youth so routinely sacrificed, burdened with uncertainty and traumatized beyond youth’s capacity to cope. “To this government, we repeat the public cry: Seek Help. Stop Improvising with human lives. Youth-that is, the future – should not serve as Ritual Offering on the altar of a failing State.”

‘All is not well with APC in Bayelsa’ – State Chairman

The factional Chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC), in Bayelsa State, Hon. Ebierien Fala Itubor, has raised the alarm over the gale of defection of party members to the main opposition party in the state, Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), saying all is not well with the party and no pretence about it.

Hon. Itubor, who lamented over the mass defection of members of the APC, including the recent defection of a serving lawmaker in the state representing the Minister of state for Petroleum, Hon. Daniel Charles, called on the Governor Mai Mala Buni-led National Caretaker Committee, to intervene or witness the worst.

He advised the party to ignore the claims made by loyalist of the former Governor of the state, Chief Timipre Sylva, that the party was in good shape, and carry out genuine reconciliation.

In a statement, signed and issued to DAILY POST, through the Deputy Chairman, Caretaker Committee, Hon. Orubebe Ogeibiri, noted that most of the challenge is the inter party anger over abandonment by the party at the National level.

The statement reads “Well it’s unfortunate, and it’s also pitiable to a large extent. Why we say so is that the party had always had problems because of Timipre Sylva’s style of leadership with impunity.

“Sylva does not have regard for the membership of the party. He does not care whose head is gored in APC as far as his interest is protected. The party has been factionalised since the governorship elections of 2019 till date.

“Anybody coming to say that APC has no faction in Bayelsa is a day dreamer, a liar and story from the pit of hell. APC has been factionaised, the national is aware, because of Sylva’s style and his greedy nature in politics had always claimed before the nationals that there are no issues in Bayelsa but we have sent series of letters to the national and have requested for a peace and conflict committee to be inaugurated in Bayelsa but as far as we are concerned, nothing has been done and Sylva is still claiming there is no faction in the party because he is already preparing list of Exco members towards the forth coming congress.

“It is a clear evidence that he is building the party in Bayelsa simply as a vehicle for his personal ambitions. He is seeking to abuse the party by using it as his personal device. He should not be allowed to sacrifice this collective enterprise at the altar of his personal aggrandizement. For instance, all sensitive appointments are always recommended to people within his senatorial district.

“For the records we have two chairmen in APC in Bayelsa, and it is not an issue to discuss or argue about. Back to the issue of defection, as far as we are concerned, the defection of the assembly member has proven us right before the public that Sylvia’s style is making APC drown and it will remain until the national takes the bold step to remove Sylva and in fact renounce Sylva as the leader of APC in Bayelsa, and that is the only when we can have a headway as a party in the state”

“Everyone should be ready to fight against impunity until we do away with him, APC can no longer win elections in the state except with brigandage and that is because of the faction created.

“Until we start rebuilding the party, we are not doing ourselves nay good. We are calling on all APC members in Bayelsa to be steadfast and do the needful by electing people with conscience to drive the party forward.

“That plan of recalling or going to court is an exercise that has failed before it started, Sylva and his people should stop deceiving national leadership and other party members in the state.”

Efforts to release students futile – Greenfield University cries out to Buhari govt


The management of Greenfield University in Kaduna State has called on the Nigerian government and people of goodwill to come to their aid concerning the kidnap of the university students.

The university in a statement signed by its Registrar, Bashir Muhammad, lamented that efforts made to secure the release of the students had not yielded any result, adding that the situation is overwhelming.

Part of the statement read: “We are all aware of the incident at Greenfield University on Tuesday 20th April 2021 by 8:15 pm where some staff and students were abducted.

“Efforts have been made to secure the release of these staff and students, which have not yielded the desired results.

“Even so, very sad news reaching us is that three of the students were killed and their bodies were found near the University.

“There were two female and one male casualties. Further, a ransom of 800 million Naira has been demanded from our abducted staff and students.

“We are at this point calling on the government and people of goodwill who can be of assistance to come to our aid as the situation is becoming overwhelming.

“The management of Greenfield University appreciates the concerns of the government of Kaduna State, led by Malam Nasir el-Rufai and commends steps taken so far in ensuring the safe return of those abducted.”

The university appealed to abductors to spare the lives of students and staff abducted.

“Finally, we appeal to those in custody of our staff and students to spare their lives,” the statement added.



Chacha Eke-Faani and husband Austin Faani welcome their 4th child

Chacha Eke-Faani and her husband, Austin Faani, have welcomed their 4th child.

The couple took to Instagram to share photos of their newborn daughter.

The girl, born today, April 24, has been named Diamond Kandilichukwu Faani.


2023: COVID-19 Restrictions Will Be Removed In Churches—Leke Adeboye

eke, son of Enoch Adeboye, the General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), has taken to Instagram to share his observation about Nigerian politicians and their approach to religion.

He said Nigerian politicians only become strong church members when elections are approaching.

He said, “Don’t you love it how most politicians are strong church members when elections are coming close. Watch 2023, all church restrictions due to COVID would be removed.”

The Nigerian government had in 2020 placed restrictions on religious gatherings due to coronavirus pandemic.

The restrictions were, however, eased after some months with certain conditions.



IPOB confirms killing of ESN commander, indicts Gov Uzodinma

The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) has confirmed the killing of Easten Security Network (ESN), commander.

DAILY POST reports that the confirmation came with a threat to Imo State Governor, Hope Uzodinma.

On Saturday, a joint operation by security forces killed ESN Commander Ikonso and 6 other operatives. The authorities blame IPOB for successive attacks on security facilities.

IPOB spokesman, Emma Powerful, in a statement, said the body led by Nnamdi Kanu, was angry about Saturday’s “unprovoked attack”.

He said the ESN operatives were gunned down at Oguta junction at Mgbidi, along Owerri road Onitsha expressway by a joint security force comprising the the army, police and DSS operatives, with the support of Imo State Government.

Powerful noted that the killing of the “heroic innocent Biafrans protecting our communities and towns from Fulani terrorists herdsmen masquerading as cattle herders in cold blood is very painful”.

“The Supreme Court Administrator of Imo State Hope Uzodinma and all those who had a hand in this wickedness will pay dearly. Hope Uzodinma and his cowardly Nigerian security agencies that cannot confront Fulani terrorists but only flex their muscles when they see Biafra agitators. For murdering Ikonso, the ESN unit COMMANDER in in cold blood, Uzodima has stirred the hornet nest! He should get ready for a sting.

“Uzodima decided to kill Ikonso because he refused his offer to head Ebubeagu ghost security outfit formed by South East governors. Uzodima has tried but without success to lure ESN operatives into EBUBEAGU.

“He had made irresistible offers to them which were turned down, hence his resorting to elimination of these patriotic heroes who vowed never to betray Biafra.

“Hope Uzodinma sent a lot of emissaries to beg Ikonso and other ESN officers to join EBUBEAGU security outfit. So, because of their refusal to betray Biafra agitation and our Leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, the hopeless governor mobilized joint security forces to attack them today.

“Contrary to claims by the cowardly security forces who flee from terrorists but kill innocent citizens, they were not able to peneterate into the camp of Eastern Security Network ESN. They only ambushed Ikonso but we promise them hell for this cowardly act!

“Hope Uzodima has murdered sleep, so he should be ready to stay awake! FULANI terrorists pretending as cattle sellers in Enugu destroyed Police van and attacked Government officials on lawful duty with AK-47 but no Army, police or DSS attacked them till now.

“But ESN operatives defending our communities against the terrorists are being hunted like games everyday. The world has kept quiet over this atrocity until we begin our own madness.

“Hope Uzodinma as the body of Ikonso was paraded by Fulani Jihadists in police and Nigerian army, so shall it be your portion one day,” they threatened.


Nigerians drag Atiku for keeping mum on Pantami controversy

ormer vice-president, Atiku Abubakar, has come under heavy criticism on social media for not lending his voice to the raging debate on the extremist views and support for terrorism propagated by communications minister Isa Pantami.

Mr Abubakar, known for swiftly weighing in on issues of national interest has since been silent on Mr Pantami’s radical preaching and ties with terrorist groups.

Though the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has registered it’s opposition to Mr Pantami’s continuous stay in office, many of the party’s leading lights, particularly from the North, including Mr Abubakar who was the party’s presidential candidate in the 2019 elections, have kept a studied silence on the most sensitive matter.

Sokoto governor and chairman of the PDP governors forum, Aminu Tambuwal, governors Zamfara, Bauchi, Adamawa, Taraba, Benue and even former Kano governor Rabiu Kwankwaso have all looked away from the grievous allegations.

Nyesom Wike, Rivers State governor, has, however, been the lone opposition voice to publicly lambast the Aso Villa for shielding Mr Pantami despite overwhelming evidence of his ties with terrorism.

The presidency on Thursday insisted that Mr Pantami’s past utterances and actions were not sufficient enough to ease him out of office claiming the minister was immature when he declared his support for terrorist organisations al-Queda and the Taliban

Commenters say these top opposition figures are sacrificing matters of national importance for political and religious expediency.

While many expected Mr Abubakar to wade into the issue, he rather expressed his sadness over the death of three abducted students of Greenfield University, Kaduna.

In a tweet on his official page on Saturday, the politician wrote “Heartbreaking to learn of the killing of 3 of the abducted students of Greenfield University, Kaduna,” questioning how long the country will “continue to lose precious souls.

“It is time states are granted constitutional roles in the management of security,” Mr Abubakar further said.

Reacting, some of his followers on the micro-blogging platform slammed him for ignoring condemnations of the minister’s support for terrorism.

“The root cause of the issue you are lamenting about, has been making waves for days, where did you drop your voice then?” one of his followers, @FS Yusuf queried, demanding that he saved Nigerians “that theoretical lamentation.”

Also, another user identified as @Ose_anenih wrote “swallow your heartbreak. The deaths of these students were sealed by the germination of seeds planted by characters like Pantami You cannot publicly mourn the symptom but be silent about the disease. You cannot, Oga Better to unlook completely & tweet about Arsenal’s woes.”