Drama As Wife Catches Hubby Cheating At Southern Sun Hotel In Lusaka -VIDEO

Wife catches hubby at Southern Sun Hotel in Lusaka

According to the ever famous quote that reads “Hell hath no fury than a woman scorned”, such was the atmosphere in a Lusaka hotel where an angry wife created a bizarre scene Tuesday morning where she caught her husband enjoying the beautiful city scenery in the arms of another woman.

The video has since this morning gone viral and has caused a stir on the internet where some has supported the woman’s action of showing the husband she cannot be toyed with, while others have made claims she could have avoided the the whole incident.

Claiming she not only spoiled her image as a wife but has also exposed her marriage and its insecurities to the world at large who do not care but just want to feast at the detriment of others.

Those who made the video were heard laughing while covering the event an drama, one of them was heard saying ” Just this morning here is southern sun, it’s a movie”.

Watch full clip here: