Akintoye, Osibogun, Chief Imam Ilorin, Yoruba Elders And Leaders of Self Determination Groups Form Major Collaboration

History was made on August 7th 2021 when all Socio-Cultural Determination groups in Yorubaland and diaspora came together to form the Yoruba Self Determination Movement-YSM as the Umbrella body.

The new Central Platform for Collaboration will serve as a common decision making and action by all Yoruba Self Determination Organisations worldwide.

In a press statement released by the G8 – an independent group of young minds with networks around the world but based in UK & USA, working on modalities of bringing all groups in Yorubaland together, stated that the success of the event is historic as the Aug 07 1963 was a day in history, when the Mid-Western State was created out of the old Western Region but despite the division, the Region was still dominated by Yorubas. Major decisions taken at this unique August 7th 2021 Congress were:

(a) The organisation structure framework was unanimously approved with 15 member Yoruba Self Determination Council to be appointed at the next Congress, which will be inaugurated on Sept 23rd 2021-another in history when the Yoruba Kiriji Peace Treaty was signed in 1886.

(b) The Yoruba Self Determination Movement-YSM will be constituted as the Congress will include leaders of all accredited groups in Yorubaland and worldwide

(c) Yoruba Self Determination Movement Committee-YSMC, will be constituted by nominations of representatives from each of the accredited groups with core competence areas in 17 Committees which were preliminarily approved by the Congress meeting of Aug 07 2021.

Attendees (Representatives):

Top Leaders of Ilana Omo Oodua, Yoruba World Assembly, Yoruba Ko’Ya, Oodua Redemption Alliance, Movement for Oduduwa Republic, Yoruba Global Coalition, Yoruba Global Youths, Egbe Omo Yoruba in Europe, Global directorate, Oodua National Congress, Agbekoya, Muslim Association of Yoruba Nation, (MAYON), Yoruba Nation Christian Association (YORNCA) amongst others Coalitions worldwide.