15 Surprising Facts About Breast you Never Knew

First of all, What is your favourite part of the female body?

Now let’s move on to the facts you never knew.

1. 85% of females are actually wearing the wrong size of bra.

2. The female breasts contain 15 to 25 milk glands and all these are connected to milk dots.

3. 75% of females are unhappy with their breast size, even if your breast is big, you still have tears about it.

4. Every day, there are 4million bras being produced.

5. The breasts are not identical, one breast is usually larger than the other.

6. Believe it or not, a female can get an orgasm from nipple stimulation.

7. Scientists discovered that men generally like bigger breasts.

8. Mothers become more attached to their children when they breastfeed, that means when a baby cries, she knows all about it.

9. 82% of females get aroused from playing with their breasts.

10. The bra was made in 1914, it was invented by a female named Mary Phelps Jacob.

11. Many Marathon runners get breast pain, they experience this problem all the time.

12. Breast augmentation was a top cosmetic surgery in 2012.

13. Apparently, 3% of the population has a 3rd Nipple and some celebrities do, believe it or not.

14. Female primates don’t have breasts like us, the human female breast is full and round, while the primate only develops a full breast when they are pregnant.

15. In the time of Ancient Romans, females wrap bandages around their breast to restrain them from flapping up and down.

So that’s all facts for you on breasts.

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