Eletu Odibo slams false reports against family

Renown scion of the Royal Eletu Odibo Family of Lagos, Prince Waheed Eletu Odibo, has stated that he has not been declared wanted by the Economic and Finacial Crimes Commission, EFFC.

In a statement issued at the weekend, Prince Eletu Odibo wrote: “My attention has been drawn to reports that I was declared wanted by a Lagos Special Offences Court, Ikeja.

“This allegation is untrue and the reports are fake news. The allegations as being reported on the Internet and Social Media are untrue,” he stressed.

Prince Eletu Odibo cautioned “the public to ignore such reports as they are fake news being spread by my enemies with a view to tarnishing my image and that of the Royal Eletu Odibo Family.

“Mr. Patrick Ononenyi Okonwo does not own 250,000 hectares of land on Eletu Royal Family land,” he said.